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From Broadway to Event Host & Emcee – with Wendee Lee Curtis

Jim Cermak

A question Show Producers and Organizers wrestle with all the time is…Should we have a Host or Emcee for our Event? To help answer that question is Wendee Lee Curtis, a professional Trade Show and Conference Host and Emcee!

Wendee Lee started her career on Broadway, working up to a leading role in the hit musical, Mamma Mia. From there she took the leap to Network TV anchor, and now working on stages around the globe as a successful Event Host and Emcee!

In this interview we discuss…

  • How to select a good Host or Emcee

  • Questions to ask a possible Host

  • Wendee Lee’s encounter with Wayne Brady, and how important Improv is

  • Tips for anyone considering becoming a host

  • And so much more!

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About the author, Jim Jim Cermak has over 25 years of marketing, consulting, and training experience, and has planned and worked hundreds of Trade Shows. He gets a little overly excited about Trade Shows, and puts that passion into helping companies get better results!


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