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Get Your Business Organized with These 6 Tips

When you first started your business, you may have been running the show completely on your own. As you have seen it grow, you probably have also seen a little less structure. This happens to people particularly when they have little experience running a business.

No need to worry, though. There are several ways you can get back on track so your business doesn’t suffer. Here are six tips to help you start getting organized in your business.

  1. Get Organized

If you want to effectively run your business, you have to get organized. The restructuring of your business may be a part of the process, but something that can help are BI dashboard tools.

These are smart business intelligence dashboards that use clean visualization methods and technologies to keep all of your data in one place. It can help you gain valuable knowledge on the way your business is running along with ways to improve it.

  1. Automation Is Key

Thanks to advanced technology, there are several ways you can automate many different aspects of your business.

Platforms such as Buffer and Hootsuite offer social media scheduling. Mailchimp is a free software to schedule your email campaigns. Various CRM systems are available to help streamline and automate your lead and sales processes.

Take advantage of what automation can do for your growing business and lift some of the work off your shoulders.

  1. Plan Your Content Strategy Out

You might be thinking about how your social media, blog, and other digital content is going to take you weeks to create. The truth is that with proper planning, you only need a few days to generate all of the content you need for an entire month.

Plan out a monthly schedule for all of your content and curate it ahead of time. Then, using some of the free automation tools that are available, schedule your content to go out to your audience. This frees up the rest of your month to focus on other aspects of your business that need more attention.

  1. Ditch Old Files to the Cloud

Business owners have a tendency to believe that every little thing needs to be saved and archived. While some of this is true, there are certain elements that don’t need to be saved to your desktop or take space on your hard drive.

Utilize cloud storage through iCloud, Google, or another secured platform. If you desperately need to tap into that old file from 2006 that has old photos from a Facebook post you made, it’ll be there. But we can almost guarantee you won’t.

  1. Consider Hiring Remotely

Growing your business means you’ll inevitably need to hire more help. However, this can become costly very quickly. A great way to save money is to outsource your business needs. Remote work is changing the workplace dramatically since the COVID-19 global pandemic. Now there are more opportunities to cut costs and still get all of your business needs met.

  1. Keep Your Passwords Protected

If you’re like most people, you probably only have a few passwords that you utilize for everything. This can be a huge issue when it comes to security. Rather than trying to remember hundreds of different complex passwords, there are third-party apps that can do this for you.

1Password is a fully-integrated password protector that generates and secures all of your password information. This is great for any cyber security issues you may encounter as well as an added layer of organization.


Getting organized for your business is not only about cleaning up old files or keeping your passwords collected safely. It’s also about automating and streamlining your daily operations. This could be through the use of a third-party application or by outsourcing some of your workloads.


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