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Have you ever thought...Will anyone find my booth??

If you've exhibited at a few trade shows over the years, then you no doubt have been stuck with a "bad" booth location at least once. Maybe you were in the back corner, next to a huge unexpected pillar, or behind a booth with a mammoth wall that blocks your booth. Whatever the situation, it can be frustrating! That's why I put together this episode of tips on how to drive traffic to your exhibit! ALSO...You'll find a video of this episode on the Trade Show University YouTube channel! Be sure to check it out!! Please subscribe - doesn't cost anything and helps so much! 1) This week - Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Booth

In just 7 lightning-quick and Jam-Packed minutes, I give 9 tips to help you drive attendee traffic to your trade show matter where you are located on the show floor! 3 tips for things you can do Before the show, and 6 things you can do During the show! In just 7 minutes! Listen now to #235 and SHARE IT!! Episode #235 - Bad Booth Location

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2) This week's PRO TIP - Make your messaging clear from EVERY angle!

Make sure your messaging, branding, and graphics are clear and easy to read from whatever angle people are walking. Work with designers to discuss this and minimize your words to make sure people can quickly read and understand your message!

3) Looking for a Topic? Find what you need FAST!

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