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Here is the Answer to one of the TOP Questions I get!

Believe it or not, one of the top questions I get is, "What is a Trade Show Coach? Never heard of one before." After getting that question so many times, I decided to do a podcast episode and explain what I do as a Trade Show Coach, and why most exhibitors need to hire one! This episode will be enlightening for sure!

1) This week - What in the world is a Trade Show Coach? I'm answering that question I get over and over when I tell people what I do...What is a Trade Show Coach? The bottom line is this - a Trade Show Coach helps Exhibitors (and even show planners)...

  • Make More Money

  • Save more Time

  • Take the Headaches out of Planning

  • Improve Attendee & Customer Engagement

I break it down further in the episode where I discuss:

  • What is a Trade Show Coach (spoiler - think of them as an Exhibitor Coach)

  • What can a Trade Show Coach do for Exhibitors?

  • Why hire a Trade Show Coach?

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Proud to share a testimonial that came from a recent coaching client who initially connected with me after listening to the podcast! Thanks Kam!

Jim smiled through the podcast I was listening to when I first heard him and heard OF him. He is infectious and now he is my go-to guy for all things trade shows. I don't care what the show is, he's the guy that everyone knows and if he doesn't know how to do it, it doesn't exist!

3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #182 - Study the Event Schedule

Even if you are Exhibiting, put yourself in the Attendee's shoes and study the Event Schedule. Go through all the talks, breakout sessions, workshops, networking, and after-hours events available. Don't miss out on important education and networking opportunities!!

So many exhibitors get so focused on exhibiting (of course!) but lose sight of the other amazing chances to add significant value to their overall event experience!

About the author, Jim Jim Cermak has over 25 years of marketing, consulting, and training experience, and has planned and worked hundreds of Trade Shows. He gets a little overly excited about Trade Shows, and puts that passion into helping companies get better results!

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