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How to be Strategic about your Memorability!

Of course, every company wants the attendees at trade shows to remember them, right? What are YOU doing to make that happen? It's time to get Strategic about your Memorability, and I've got on a great guest to help you do it! There are 4 really great things in this email, so take just about a minute to read all the way to the bottom...and Click Away! 1) This week - How to Create Strategic Memorability

Rama Beerfas, CTSM, MAS - is the Strategic Memorability Specialist at Lev Promotions where she specializes in branded products for trade shows and event marketing. Her goal is to recommend products that are relevant to clients’ branding, goals, and target market while melding with the client's overall marketing message and tactics.

We Discuss:

  • Why you shouldn't choose products just because they're hot/new/cool/trending.

  • What is strategic memorability(TM)?

  • Top tips and tricks for using promo items

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #185 - Find all the hidden Costs & Fees! When budgeting for your shows, don't get blindsided by hidden costs, or one's you simply forgot about or were unaware of. These can include shipping your display, labor fees, electricity, wifi, all the travel costs for your team, registration fees, and more. After you think you have them all, reach out to your show contact and ask them if you missed any. You'll be glad you did!

3) FREE Download - The WHY Discovery Guide

Last week our guest Joel Bromley made an amazing offer to give out his WHY Discovery Guide for FREE just for Trade Show University listeners!

I have been through this guide and it can be an absolute Game Changer for your business AND your life! Do yourself a favor and CLICK that blue link below to grab your Guide!

FREE Resource from Joel - The WHY Discovery Guide Don't leave without clicking!!!


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