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How to Drive More Site Traffic Through Content With Less Output

By Zac Johnson, CEO of

Do you have a website or blog that you just can't seem to increase traffic to, rank higher in the search results or simply bring to that next level of traffic or revenue? If so, an expert roundup might just be the next piece of content and marketing that you've been looking for.

Having participated in many different expert roundup posts and even creating a few of my own, not only can I speak for the value in participating them as an industry expert, but also as a content creator and blogger. Audiences love expert roundups not only for their content but also for the many different perspectives that are given by industry experts. The concept of an expert roundup is quite simple. Site owners and bloggers are always looking to create new content for their sites. However, content can get stale quite quickly. And if it's always from the same person, it might not gain too much attention. High-quality expert roundup posts on your site are a great way to change things up and expand your reach and content distribution.

Reach Out to Your Experts The process of creating an expert roundup starts by simply reaching out to other bloggers, content creators or influencers within your industry. When reaching out, let them know you are running an expert roundup post and would provide them with a quick question to answer. As the site owner or content creator, compile all of the answers together and go live with one big post with all of the information provided.

Ask a Common Question For question inspiration, look at the best performing content on your site and think about a common question that your audience might have in reference to your industry. You can also think about what your readership would ask industry experts in your niche market. If you want to find success with this process, always look to provide the highest of quality to both your audience and the experts participating in your roundup.

Follow Up It's also important to reach out to your selected experts not only at the beginning of the process but also right after your article goes live on your site. Let each expert know they were featured in your article and that you will be promoting it through social media, while also mentioning that you would love for them to do the same.

Everyone loves self-promotion. This is a great way to get huge authorities and brands to promote your website, without the hefty costs of sponsorships or advertising that usually is requested from such authorities.

The benefits here are huge, including:

  • The ability to feature industry experts on your site and associate their names and expertise with your blog.

  • Creating a super detailed article with potentially 5,000+ words of content, all from other industry experts.

  • Massive social sharing and promotion opportunities, as each expert featured within your article should be sharing it with their audiences as well.

Expert roundup posts are nothing new. They still provide huge ROI and results today. Best of all, while it's quite a timely and detailed process to build an outreach list, collect information and go live with an article, it's also 100 percent free. Your only investment is the time, work and effort you put into it.

If you currently have a website or blog that just can't seem to make it through to that next level or you're simply looking to reach new audiences around the world, an expert roundup post just might be perfect for you.

Zac Johnson has 20 years of experience in the online marketing and business space. You can learn more about Zac through

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