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How to Grow Your Small Business Using Digital Platforms in 2020

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has triggered the global economic slump and makes most of the businesses to lose their viability. Consumers over worldwide now turn towards the internet for all the purposes of products and services due to the coronavirus outbreak. All well-known and big organisations today started small. You can easily understand the importance of digital platforms by looking at the past of some of the largest businesses that are grown with the help of digital platforms from small businesses. 

What are digital platforms?

The virtual interface between the companies and customers and also partners and their employees are called Digital platforms. The technologies comprising the platform or the implementation are not deciding the success of the platform but the success depends on users adopting the platform. SEO is a digital marketing practice that is important for the business models to stand out and have been chosen by customers over other competitors on digital platforms.  

What are small businesses?

A small business is started small with tiny budgets that are privately owned and operated with fewer employees and revenue and has lower sales, smaller assets. The small businesses can grow bigger with the help of a digital platform in 2020. The digital platform will help you to grow your business. Airbnb, Amazon, BlaBlaCar, Deliveroo, Facebook, Google, TaskRabbit, Uber, and Xing are all platforms, but they have different business models and they interact with end users and other businesses in different ways. Consequently, each platform has created different rules to optimize these interactions. Some important distinctions are the degree to which a platform relies on advertising revenue versus fees, its rules for managing suppliers and content, and its relationship with consumers.

How digital platforms help small businesses?

Here is a list of some of the factors of digital marketing that are influencing the growth of small businesses in 2020.

Higher Internet Proliferation:

Around the world, internet proliferation is on the rise. It is calculated that about nearly 53 per cent of the world are connected to the internet by the start of 2021. The price drops in smartphones and affordable internet packages by telecom service providers are one of the main reasons for internet proliferation. Most of the B2B and especially B2C sales now occur over mobile phones online. It is important for you to make use of digital platforms for your small business. Maximising a service like Google My Business or an excellent website is anything for your business on the internet in every possible manner. Here is a list of digital platforms that can help grow your small business in 2020.

Google My Business:

Google My Business is one of the important digital platforms is a free public listing or profile where your business appears in relevant search results on Google. Most of the entrepreneurs are looking to target the visibility of their businesses on Google listings. My Business Claiming or creating your Google listing or profile allows you to provide immediate information about your company to Google as well as users. The process of claiming your account is quick and easy. It helps your business by highlighting your special features and sharing more information about your business to attract more customers. To optimize your Google My Business and rank higher in search results for websites on digital platforms you have to hire the best local seo company. There are many companies like Elsner that provide the services of optimizing your website and Google listings. The most important is creating a Google Business profile with detailed and updated information which helps to optimize your Google My Business page.

Online Marketplaces:

Online Marketplaces help your small businesses to reach out to distant markets and are very popular nowadays. The best idea to grow your small business in 2020 is by including an online marketplace as a digital platform. Setting up an entire eCommerce portal doesn’t cost much. Depending on your budget you can opt for monthly or even annual subscriptions. The online marketplace digital platform helps your business to get ahead of other competitors. The wide reach and niche clientele of the online marketplace makes it one of the best digital platforms for a small business.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is also a form of digital marketing is a channel or framework where the affiliates have to market the online products of your companies. The Affiliates can earn commissions or rewards from your business when the referrals buy the product on their recommendation. It is performance-based marketing by the businesses to increase the sales of their products where the affiliates are a salesperson. Most of the digital online stores are using Affiliate marketing platforms to grow their small businesses. You should consider launching the affiliate marketing program for your business growth. 

Social Media digital platforms:

The social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and micro-blogging sites like Twitter and networking portal like LinkedIn are the best choices for small businesses. Social media is definitely the best platform for marketing your business. You should start sharing your goals using social media platforms. Consider providing another platform on social media on which the customers can review and ask queries about your business. Social media platforms help you to find new potential customers. Consider hiring the social media management firm that helps to optimize your business popularity on social media platforms. They respond quickly to the customer reviews, suggestions and questions by monitoring them continuously for better customer satisfaction.


The best platform to drive the small business to grow is Blogging. Most of the customers are reading the blogs and reviews before deciding to purchase the products. Blogs help to give genuine product feedback for shoppers. For any businesses over online, the blogs are the most important part to grow your business. You should consider hiring other bloggers to provide affiliate links for your business by offering them a commission on sales. 

These are some of the digital platforms and also more digital platforms like YouTube marketing, digital marketing, applications and more platforms are available to grow your small businesses in 2020.

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