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How to Make Your Product Stand Out on Shelves

When it comes to selling products, the international market is getting more and more saturated and competitive, and there are increasingly fewer ways for a business to stand out, especially if it's newer. However, if you're trying to win over customers while competing with businesses much bigger than yours, a great way to get their attention is by physically making your product more appealing on store shelves, though this is easier said than done. Keep reading to find out how you can make your product irresistible to anyone who's interested.

1. Use a Unique Label Printing

If you’re trying to make your product stand out more, one of the best ways to go about this is to make it more visually interesting, which will allow you to attract customers when they’re shopping. Working to improve your label print will make this possible. If you use digital label printing technology, you'll be able to experiment with label designs and create something many other businesses cannot, giving your product an edge and even a more personal feel in some cases. You can use different finishes and design choices to make colors stand out more or leave a metallic or even understated finish depending on the kind of impact you're trying to leave on customers.

2. Use Clear Branding

Branding is one of the most important parts of advertising and selling products since if you've managed to create great products with good reviews, customers will need to know who produced them and where they can buy them from again. Many companies have their logo or branding hidden away, which reduces sales in the long run, so you should instead proudly display your company's logo in the center in a way that doesn't distract from the rest of the label but, instead, adds to it and makes it feel more cohesive. A good design with clear branding as the centerpiece will also serve as a great piece of marketing for your company, as more and more customers will remember it.

3. Coordinate the Look of Your Product with Marketing Pushes

Marketing campaigns are one of the greatest ways of introducing a new company or product, or even one that's a special edition. If you've come out with a new marketing push, you should make sure to coordinate the look of your product and the label to make it go along with the marketing so it feels more coordinated. This could include anything from playing with colors and fonts on special holidays, like a "scary" version of your product on Halloween, to adding sports figures to commemorate special sporting events like the Super Bowl or the Olympics. This way, you’ll be able to feed into a wider marketing push without resorting to gimmicks or confusing any of your customers.

4. Strategic Placement

Choosing the right spot for your product on store shelves is extremely important. Do some research on how people move around the store and talk to the store managers to get the best spot. Aim for shelves at eye level because that's where people notice things the most. Think about where lots of people walk, and try to get your product there so more people can see it. If your product is in a good spot, more people are likely to see it, and that can lead to more sales. So, be clever about where your product goes on the shelves to boost how many people notice and buy it.

5. Create Limited Editions

If you’re trying to drive up sales fast, one of the best strategies you can use is by creating limited editions, which add a feeling of exclusiveness and an urgency to buy it before it goes out of circulation. Limited editions also work great with special occasions, holidays, or events like a company’s anniversary, and you can even create a special marketing campaign to promote it. In short, you can use a limited edition of your product to create something new without entirely changing your brand, and you can assist its sales through a combination of marketing and new design to boost sales fast.


There are many ways for businesses to stand out, whether it’s through marketing, creating new products, or beating other competitors on price. However, simply capturing a customer’s interest while they’re browsing through a store or supermarket remains to be one of the best. If you use the information in this article, you’ll be able to create a product that is so appealing, it will turn heads throughout the store, and you’ll be rewarded with much higher sales and popularity.


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