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How to Market Your Business within the Construction Trade Industry

After a very long period of slumber caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 and resulting economic turmoil, we are happy to report that the construction industry is finally back on track reaching the same level of productivity it scored prior to the pandemic. This trend should continue during 2023 and the next year, the sector should grow an additional 10% to 12%.

This is by all means good news but we should also keep in mind that such resurgence always creates a very competitive and relentless business environment.

As always, the solution to this problem can be found in effective marketing techniques that help small construction companies to pop on the mainstream radar and keep the competition at bay. Let us take a look then at a couple of tips that should help you use this asset to the fullest possible advantage.

Create an ideal customer persona

This move can have a tremendous impact on all other moves you will make later so we suggest that you start with this one. The idea is very simple – if you want your marketing messages to have any effect, you need to know to whom you are trying to appeal in the first place. Your ideal customers are defined by a very broad set of traits that can be organized into three major groups:

  • Background – Profession, career path, family members, etc.

  • Demographics – Income, location, age, gender, preferred type of settlement, etc.

  • Identifiers – Communication preferences, personal traits, general demeanor, etc.

Trying to observe your audience through this lens will help you to define the marketing messages that will create a much stronger, focused impact.

Make your website competent and actionable

In this day and age, most of the relevant marketing efforts are made in the digital environment. This makes your website, which is both the starting and ending point of all these strategies, the most important asset your construction business has at its disposal. Do your best then to make it as competent and marketing-friendly as possible. You will do that by abiding by the technical SEO principles, making the website navigation streamline and simple, and building the website structure around your sales funnel. Also, your website should feature assets that will encourage visitors to engage in some form of interaction.

Highlight the top-performing services and products

Competing with other construction companies on all fronts at the same time puts you in a position to spread your resources too thin and ultimately fail. That is why you should take a more niche approach and put your focus on the services and products that will most likely invite new clients to jump aboard. For instance, if take Australia as an example we will see that a curved glass balustrade started picking quite a lot of steam Down Under. Highlighting the services like these will spark a lot of attention without wasting too many resources. This approach, however, requires a deep understanding of your audience.

Engage in content marketing

The construction industry has the benefit of being involved in a wide variety of topics ranging from interior design to architecture the general public shows a very strong interest in. Furthermore, the people who actually intend to hire some sort of these services will try to learn as much as possible and explore all available options before they make a final decision. Offering these people the answers they need is an excellent way to boost website traffic. But, even if we put this fact aside, free content will transform your brand from a service provider to a relevant source of knowledge which is a more valuable, long-term benefit.

Leverage the power of SEO

If you are unfamiliar with the term, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on Google's search engine results (SERP) upon entering a relevant search query. And, keeping in mind that 93% of online experiences start with some search engine, it should be clear why hiring an experienced SEO team to tackle this critical duty should be one of your top priorities. Also, we should remember that when looking for services like construction people usually look for a nearby location. That is why going all-in with local SEO does seem like a good idea.

Establish a strong social media presence

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that in the present-day world social media present the most relevant media outlet we have at our disposal. One of the main reasons for such a reputation is that social media present an open forum where people have an opportunity to connect, exchange opinions, and connect with like-minded people. Gaining mainstream relevancy without tapping into this channel and establishing a strong social media presence is nearly impossible. Also, taking a stab at social media means your content will have a much wider reach. Therefore, make this channel one of your priorities.

So, there you have it – the top six marketing tips and strategies that will help your construction business rise from local anonymity, pop on the mainstream radar, and keep the fierce competition at bay. These days, we are experiencing a very noticeable resurgence of the entire construction sector which is something we are all glad to see. However, you will have very little use of this trend if your company ends up outpaced by the local competitors. Use the tips we gave you and put these worries to rest.

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