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How to Prevent Your Business Vehicle from Getting Stolen?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

If you use your vehicle for business purposes, it is crucial to protect it just as you would a personal vehicle. You have to be careful with where you park your business vehicle and it may be wise to install an outside surveillance camera to keep an eye on it (especially if you keep tools or equipment in it). You can also install anti-theft systems to protect your business vehicle from getting stolen or to find it if the worst happens.

Robbers have become clever, utilizing smart keys to steal vehicles and switching car ID numbers to escape arrest. So, how are you going to better prevent yourself from being a target of auto theft?

Here are seven things that you could do to prevent your car from being stolen. Be diligent towards protecting your vehicle and take proactive measures to keep it secured.

1. Keep hold of the keys

When your car is lost, one of the first things the police will ask is, "Do you have all the keys?" Some people make the error of keeping a spare key hanging in plain sight at work, or even under the wheel arch when more than one person use it. The thing is, much like putting a key under your front door mat, thieves know where to look. Being locked out of your vehicle is annoying, but you can't imagine the problems you're going to face if your vehicle is stolen. Remember, if you've given a spare car key to someone who doesn't use it anymore, ask for it back immediately.

2. Park with Care

Parking in a well-lit neighbourhood can help dissuade potential car thieves. Also, parking close to building exits and adjacent to parking lot surveillance cameras provides additional security. Commercial parking garages can be secure places to park your car, but parking in an unmanned garage may be a risk. When you're using a parking lot, consider parking as close to the operator or the surveillance camera as possible.

3. Don’t keep valuables in your vehicle

A lot of people leave valuables lying around in their cars. This is one of the quickest ways to attract the attention of thieves. In fact, only a little sum of cash is enough to compel certain criminals to break into your car.

When a criminal smashes a window to grab your iphone, he or she may decide to go all the way and steal your vehicle. When you simply have to leave behind an important object in your vehicle, place it in the trunk. But look out, the bad guy may be watching you do it. Help avoid burglary in vehicles by planning ahead and keeping valuables at home.

4. Don't leave the car driving

You should remember that nearly half of all auto accidents could possibly have been prevented if the vehicle owner took sound safety measures, such as turning off the car when it is not in use.

Many people start their car in the morning and rush back inside to grab a cup of coffee or an important document. But do you realize that leaving your vehicle running not only encourages vandalism, but is also unlawful in many jurisdictions. If you're not behind the wheel, help prevent car theft by shutting off your engine and locking up your car.

5. Take the advantage of a technology-based ride recovery tool

If the worst occurs despite your efforts, using an auto-theft recovery tool might help you get your car back before it's ruined. Some systems use GPS technologies to locate the car and relay the details to law enforcement officials. This way, should your car ever be stolen, you can not only recover your vehicle, but also catch the thieves so that they face the consequences of their crime.

6. Secure the car

Wherever you park your vehicle, including in your own driveway, shut and lock the windows/doors to further prevent car theft. This appears to be a straightforward protection strategy, but we all know how simple it is to get complacent. Dashcams are also one of the best car parts you can install for more vehicle security measures.

You should also consider investing in car insurance. The benefits of car insurance are much, from providing roadside assistance when your car breakdown on the road, to handling all or some of the expenses of repair or replacement, should you be involved in an accident. At the very least, consider Third Party Fire and Theft if you are not willing to go for a comprehensive car cover.

7. Utilize physical anti-theft devices

About 40% of insurance providers give a rate incentive on cars with anti-theft systems. That's because such apps go a long way in stopping car theft. Thieves are searching for a simple objective, one that they can easily achieve without raising suspicions to themselves.

Functional anti-theft tools involve automotive immobilizer systems that deter criminals from stealing a car. California, Florida, and Texas are the nation's top auto stealing countries, according to data from NHTSA. If you stay in one of them, investigating anti-robbery systems would save you and prevent the discomfort of an auto theft.

Wrapping Up

The number of car thefts is on the increase everyday, especially in these uncertain times of crisis, where unscrupulous people look for how to take advantage of a negative situation.

The vehicle you use for running your business is a part of your business assets and keeping it safe is as important as every other thing you do in your business.

You invested time, effort, and resources in setting up your business and having a car for work-related purposes. In observing these basic safety laws, you will also secure your business asset and escape the financial risk of loss or vandalism.

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