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How to Secure Sponsors Successfully

by Jim Cermak How to Secure Sponsors Successfully

Whether you are planning a corporate event or a Trade Show, sponsors can literally make or break our events financially. So for you, I have a guest who will help you secure new sponsors! Roberta Vigilance teaches event planners how to secure sponsors for events, and is the author of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully. Roberta needed money to hold an event, taught herself how to secure sponsors and since then has launched an event planning business teaching others how to secure local to corporate sponsors.

We Discuss:

  • Understanding event sponsorship

  • Different expectations of sponsors

  • Evaluating sponsorships

  • Measuring sponsorship outcome

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3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #167 - Watch Body Language

  • As an exhibitor, it is so important to watch the body language of the attendees.

  • When in a conversation, if the person seems disinterested, is looking around, or starts looking at their phone, just end the conversation politely. Don't keep going through your pitch or demo!

  • Just stop and say something like, "Does it sound like our company/product/service can meet your needs?" or "Do you have all the info you need?"

  • Then let them go and get on to the next attendee!

About the author, Jim Jim Cermak has over 25 years of marketing, consulting, and training experience, and has planned and worked hundreds of Trade Shows. He gets a little overly excited about Trade Shows, and puts that passion into helping companies get better results!

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