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How would you like DOZENS of Video Testimonials from just 1 show??

Every business loves getting Testimonials! And VIDEO Testimonials are even better! They add credibility, believability and emotion. So let's get you some!! 1) This week - Getting dozens of Video Testimonials at your Next Show

I give you an easy way to get video testimonials at trade shows using two simple methods! And these methods can give you months of powerful social media posts and website material that will last for years.

One method takes almost zero planning, and the other takes a little pre-work. And all you need is a cell phone! No expensive cameras, lighting, or microphones. Whatever you carry in your pocket is all you need. And I do it all in under 8 minutes!!

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip - just listen to this week's episode!! This week's episode on getting Video Testimonials is the best tip you'll get all year!! Take 8 minutes to listen in and then Share it with others!! CLICK HERE!!

3) Are you 100% sure your staff knows how to work a trade show??

It's one thing to have your team at the show, even if they have done shows in the past. But are you 100% sure they know HOW to work a trade show? By working a show, I mean are they ready to maximize the engagement and ROI at your next show?

I can help you get your team ready to maximize engagement quickly and effectively with my exclusive EQF Method!

4) Check out our Entire Podcast Episode Catalog sorted by Category!

- Visit our Episode Guide HERE! Have a question or challenge? Contact Me! Jim

Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach


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