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Hybrid Events are Transforming!

Think you know all about Hybrid Events, just think again! Hybrid Events are transforming and growing...and they're the future! Discussing this important topic and giving tremendous insights is Jen Kerhin, CEO of SB Expos and Events. Jen has more than 20 years of experience working with association tradeshows. She has a certification in exhibition management (CEM), certification in meeting planning (CMP), an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and substantial executive-level association experience.

We discuss...

  • How are virtual expos working?

  • What does a hybrid event look like?

  • How Hybrid events are making a complete Transformation

  • What new opportunities exist for Sponsors

  • And much more!

Listen Now!! Episode 135 - Transformation of Hybrid Events Please share this episode with your team or a colleague who can benefit from these tips!

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Use Breath Mints Every Hour!

I know this sounds like common sense, but it’s important to have good breath! Over the course of the day, our breath can just get worse, especially after drinking coffee or eating lunch. So to keep yourself appealing to others, pop a breath mint every hour - whether you're an exhibitor or attendee.

I recommend Tic-Tac’s because of their small size, low sugar, and they work well. But use whatever mints make your mouth happy!

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