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Innovative Best Practices for Exhibitors!!

To stand out amongst the sea of displays and exhibits, you have to be Innovative! Discussing Innovative Best Practices for Exhibitors with me on the podcast today is Evan Babins, Events and Marketing Manager for Klir. Evan has an extensive background in event production and team leading, and has been included in both BizBash Top 250 Event Professionals and Special Event Magazine’s Top 20 Young Event Pro’s To Watch lists.

We discuss:

  • How to keep attendees coming back to your booth

  • Cool technology options for your booth

  • Changing your booth during the show

  • The importance of Conversions and Cadence

  • Standing out by being different

  • And so much more!

Listen & LEARN!! Episode 138 - Innovative Best Practices Please share this episode with your team or a colleague who wants to improve!

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Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #131

Know How the Tech in Your Booth Works

Nothing can be more frustrating or embarrassing than not having your demo program, video or other technology working when you want it to. Or worse, have "operator error" and you are the problem it isn't working! Be sure you know how everything works BEFORE the show starts, and share this with your team!

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