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Is It Time to Begin Looking into VR Affiliate Marketing Opportunities?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Affiliate marketers are always on the lookout for the next big market that can help them introduce useful products and services to their email lists. Well, the next big thing to hit us could be virtual reality as the advancements in this technology area are coming through.

We first though VR was going to become popular when Samsung released its VR tech with its GEAR product line. Also, Sony has already introduced its early VR headsets and as with mobile phones that came with green backlit screens, this is just the beginning.

The best affiliate marketing sites for VR are already a topic and there are already quite a few visionary marketers that getting on top of this niche before it becomes ‘the norm’. When we say ‘the norm’ we mean the days that will come when VR becomes as popular as owning a TV or smartphone. If these affiliate marketers are already set up, they stand to make the most out of the initial and very inevitable rush for VR tech that is about to hit us.

Some of the top VR affiliate programs right now are from companies that are already developing this technology or placing VR products into their available product lines.

Big brand names such a Lonovo, Logitech, VR Cover, and VR Sync all have affiliate marketing programs in place because. They know that one part of getting the word out there and stirring up interest in the field of VR is to use affiliate marketers in a ‘Pull’ marketing strategy i.e. these marketers will go out there and do all the marketing and advertising themselves to pull consumers in and help them gravitate to the world VR.

VR Sync Affiliate Program

The VRSync brand is one of the most well-known software companies amongst techies and those that love gadgets. They also have some pretty sweet deals that affiliate marketers can punt out there to get people interested in the VR Sync tech.

Every sale they make through your affiliate marketing prowess will get you a neat 30% and its cookies last 60 days. Plus, their software can be used on multiple devices and headsets starts at as low as €5 per week usage!

Logitech Affiliate Program

We all know Logitech for their mouse and keyboards and the firm’s involvement in VPN tech. The commissions are OK at 4-8% and cookies last 30 days. Both figures are quite low but then the Logitech brand is one that we all know and is very much trusted so despite its less attractive affiliate rates compared to other brands on this list, you should harness sales just because of the name.

Also, average order values for Logitech are around $125 so as long as you get a decent number of sales via your offering, then you should make a decent turnover. Those that stand to benefit the most are email marketers as the cost of creating awareness is low and matches the commission value.

Lenovo Affiliate Program

This is another big brand name on our list and one that will also harness plenty of sales just because even non-techy people will know and trust the brand through their experiences with laptops, desktops, and other Lenovo products.

Commissions from their affiliate marketing program are roughly the same as Logitech. You can expect 5% of sales to be directed back into your pockets. The good thing is that you can combine your VR sales with affiliate commissions from other Lenovo products such as hubs, sound and/or graphics cards, as well as the range of laptops, smartphones, and so on.

VR Cover Affiliate Program

The last and final program on our list is a company only techies will have heard of. This firm is already preparing for another side to the VR marketplace which is accessories that keep your VR headsets and other VR related add-ons clean and sanitary. You can also get replacement and spare parts from this firm.

As an affiliate marketer this is the perfect follow up service for those that have already purchased a VR headset and software. It keeps the relationship going and your affiliate account ticking over and gives you the perfect excuse to create another email list especially for VR headset and software owners.


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