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It scared me to leave behind everything I knew

When I was going into 5th grade, I switched schools because my mom took me and my 2 brothers to live closer to her parents for a year. I was a little nervous to be going somewhere new. It scared me to leave behind everything I knew… friends, neighbors, routine. (yikes!) When I arrived on my first day of 5th grade at the new school, the anxiety was overwhelming…I knew no one! When trying to make new friends, I was trying to fit in and be like the other kids, to start building some kind of community - I wanted to be like ‘them’ so that they ‘liked me’. Over time, though, I got acclimated to the new routine and surroundings, & I began to feel more comfortable about myself and BE MORE AUTHENTIC….I made close friends & enjoyed my 5th-grade experience before we moved back to Phoenix to start 6th grade! In business, this same theme can be found when developing video content…If you are showing up with the purpose of being what others want instead of being YOU then authenticity goes out the window. Leaning on your BRAND’S CORE VALUES, VOICE, AND ESSENCE will always help you CREATE AUTHENTIC VIDEO CONTENT that your audience is sure to connect with. Let your authenticity shine through… besides, it’s what makes you YOU! Video increases engagement by 70% - that means more sales, leads, and conversions for you! With that being said, let's chat & brainstorm together on your video strategy & get you more sales, leads, and conversions! Click the button to schedule your FREE strategy session. Chatting together is an opportunity for you to get 1x1 customized assistance specific to YOUR BUSINESS needs. Schedule a FREE strategy call w/me and you WILL HAVE 3-4 actions that you can take IMMEDIATELY to begin getting more sales, leads and conversions for your business. Also, our 4-video done-for-you video package is 50% off. Next Right Thing Marketing Solutions Summer Video Package is 50% OFF!

Louie Bischoff - Owner Louie lives in the Phoenix, AZ area. She has had the opportunity to work directly with Facebook/Instagram in their SMB Advertising Area - where she learned many tips & tricks to make the 'algorithm your friend' for ads!! She has had her own marketing business with small business clients located throughout the world on and off since 2006, with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy, Louie has her MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Prior to focusing on Digital Advertising, she built a career in the consumer product industry as a Product Manager. Louie was an award-winning adjunct faculty member at Thunderbird Graduate School where she has taught Business Communication/ Business Writing classes. She also lived overseas in Taipei, Taiwan for six years while teaching business communications with international companies. In addition to her MBA in International Management, she has her BA in Broadcast Journalism/English (minor) from the University of Arizona. Louie has two teenage sons.


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