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Calhoun’s fabric buildings are the ideal solution for heavy equipment storage, machinery for industrial or commercial storage building use, finished products or raw materials. The custom-engineered structures offer significant widths and heights allowing ample clearance for ease of access and movement. This gives you the ability to safely and easily load, unload, and handle your material assets. Each product is custom-engineered for versatility, durability and the unique needs of each building project.

Steel trusses and truss components for commercial storage buildings are hot-dip galvanized to resist corrosion allowing your commercial storage building to last generations. Calhoun’s non-corrosive tension fabric covers provide superior ventilation and air quality eliminating moisture, reducing rust, and improving asset longevity of your equipment storage.

Other applications for storage and warehousing solutions: Assembly and Welding Facilities, Supplies Storage, Distribution Facilities, Manufacturing,

Temporary Warehousing

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Who is Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

Founder of the CTTB (City of Ten Thousand Buddhas)Buddhist monastery, one of the largest in the West, Veteran Master Hsuan Hua is a Chan Meditation Master and a contributing figure in bringing Chinese Buddhism to the Western Countries in the 20th century.

The "City of Ten Thousand Buddhas" did not get its name because there are ten thousand Buddhas there. The number "ten thousand" represents infinity. Whoever comes to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas has the ability to become a Buddha.

Venerable Master Hsuan Hua is known for his kind heart, and he is willing to teach and transform all beings regardless to their birth, country, ethnic or religion. Although the majority of his disciples are Chinese, history will remember him as the pioneer of bringing Buddhism and Dharma to the Western countries.

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Bond Express

Known for their exceptional customer service, and their ability to constantly “think outside the box” to help clients with their bond needs, Bond Express is your “go to” for all your bond solutions. Based in Columbia, MO, they are licensed in 50 states, offer crazy-fast quotes and bond deliveries. In many cases, bonds are delivered the same day.

Services include:

Consumer Protective Bonds Contractor Bonds General Business Bonds

Their bond process is hassle free, and in many instances, no signature is even needed. In addition, credit checks are rarely required. Look to Bond Express for the best rates online. Their business model is to make money on volume, not high prices.

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