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Keeping Your Office Valuables Secure During COVID-19

Businesses work to make profits. And because they make a profit, chances are they most likely have valuable items. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous people who want to lay their hands on these valuable items, especially now that businesses are temporarily closed.

The loss of such property can be a grave blow.

This not only impacts insurance premiums, which may result in substantial financial pressures, but fraud or vandalism may cause business interruption or even harm to the business-customer relationship.

Find out how you can secure your physical assets and keep your business property safe this season, when businesses are on lockdown while we all fight the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find Weaknesses in the Security of Your Building

Check how secure your building is, and where there might be possible vulnerabilities.

To do this, the facility managers and building owners should help with a security audit and the implementation of a detailed safety plan.

The audit will analyse the vulnerabilities of the building system, look for ways to improve security and safety, and mitigate risks.

You can then improve safety or add security elements to parts of your building that may be at risk, using the information from your office security audit.

Get More Security Features

What's stopping criminals from stealing from your property? It is the deterrent factors which really do the job, according to prior offenders.

Most crime that has been measured is about risk and reward. If the protection of your company poses too much risk against the possible rewards, then criminals will look elsewhere.

Upgrading your security could ensure that you have successful measures of deterrence in place to prevent offenders attempting break-ins.

This covers:

CCTV cameras

Access controls and smart locks

Alarm systems

Outdoor lighting

The physical presence of security staff.

Use a Locker System or Invest in Off-site Storage

Every office has essential papers, files and records to store and maintain. You just can't afford to lose them. That's why every office needs a good locker system for a storage system. A good storage locker system will ensure that your valuables are safe and secure.

Locker systems allow you to store your precious documents, files, records and sensitive data in a safe and secure location. However, before you buy a locker system for your workplace, be sure to test it carefully for its robustness and durability.

Nonetheless, if a locker system is unpractical due to a lack of space, then another suitable option is to invest in an off-site storage unit.

Off-site storage containers like those available on are storage containers that you can hire to store valuables from your office for a specific period of time.

The advantage of this system is that you just pay for what you are using, which ensures that for the duration of the lockdown, you can easily rent a storage unit, store your office valuables and make sure that you have your things secure and ready for when the situation improves.

Fortunately, many of these storage facilities are manned 24/7, with top-notch protection.

Keep the Office Safe While Working Late

If your business is running this season, well-illuminated interiors, exteriors, and car lots are effective and necessary ways to keep employees who work late, safe.

But there is more to security than just lights. Each employee should know the correct safety techniques for working late.

If your business does not have an access control system, you can lock all the doors after hours, even though people are still on the premises.

Furthermore, whether or not you have a receptionist, someone should be able to speak to guests immediately or directly after they enter your premises.

A smart idea is to install an access control system that will allow employees to identify guests before they can enter the building, thereby keeping your office building secure.

If someone who has no business at the workplace wants to gain entry, then there should be a protocol in place so that staff will know exactly what to do in such a situation.

Wrapping up

It's important to show due diligence for all situations. Most of the time, offices are burgled either because of the carelessness of those responsible for protecting the building, or by an insider's help.

Ensuring that you have secure, trustworthy staff and an efficient security unit or policy would go a long way towards safeguarding your office space during this lockdown period.


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