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Learn from a former Disney Event Director about the Magic of Storytelling

Jim Cermak

I have been a Disney fan since I was a kid and have always been enthralled by the magic they create as nobody else can. Today I am honored to have joined me on the podcast someone who for years helped create the magic at Disney Parks around the world. You will absolutely love this interview! And please read all the way through the newsletter to get this week's tip and a link to a powerful tool to help you find the right trade show

1) This week - Your Video Marketing Strategy

Today’s guest is Alan Bruun. Alan is currently Director, Creative Services for Production Resource Group's Corporate Events Division. He is an IAAPA Brass Ring and Thea award winner. He has over 20 years of experience creating shows and events for Disney Parks Live Entertainment and Disney Event Group throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Alan has also served as Artistic/Producing Director for 5 theatre and opera companies.

We Discuss:

  • How to see the evolution of the event/exhibit experience

  • How to maximize impact and retention

  • Why is the story important in the success of events

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3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #172 - Always be SMILING!

  • People are drawn to other people who are smiling and happy. Be sure to always be smiling when working your booth so attendees are more comfortable walking up to you. It can literally make or break your next show!

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