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Learn the 4 Trade Show Hacks for better ROI!

by Jim Cermak

One thing Event Planners and Professionals (#eventprofs) would love to get more of is Trade Show Hacks! So today we are bringing the Hacks! Sharing his Trade Show Hacks to Improve ROI is Don Jalbert, the owner of Exhibit Associates. He was an outsider who took a tour of Exhibit Associates and within hours decided to buy the company with his wife. Just jumped in with both feet! These are the Hacks he has figured out over the past 9 years. Tradeshow Hacks to Improve ROI

1. Tell people you are going

2. Exhibit with a plan and share the plan

3. Follow up and Speed wins

4. Stand out in a good way Listen to the entire episode to hear the multiple tips he gives on top of explaining in depth how to use these Hacks!!

Listen Now!! Episode 142 - Trade Show Hacks for Better ROI Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #135

Use a Client as a Brand Ambassador

If you have a client who is a raving fan and will not be at the show, offer to pay for them to help work your booth as a brand ambassador. Nothing will grab people’s attention more than someone NOT from your company working your booth! Especially one who is more passionate about what you do than most of your employees!

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