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Livestream Shopping: A new trend that revolutionizes the world of e-commerce

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Live Shopping is the new trend coming from China that is revolutionizing the e-commerce sector as we know it.

If you want to use it for your company or business, is a tech startup that can enable a Livestream shopping platform on any website.

This type of e-commerce is very attractive because it allows a very similar experience to that of shopping in a physical way, you could even say that it is fun. If you have no idea what Livestream Shopping is all about, here is some information for you.

Definition of Livestream Shopping

Livestream Shopping is about live broadcasts through a Website or Social Media in order to promote or sell products. These are characterized in that a Host interacts with the public, answering questions live, testing the product, and usually has limited promotions.

Hosts are not usually celebrities, but normal people who became known for doing reviews on social media and forming a very strong community. So this concept humanizes the brand and allows interaction with the store and the items for sale.

As we mentioned before this model was born in China and generates $137 billion a year. It is such a large industry that in May 2021 the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in China added "live broadcast host" to a list of officially recognized professions.

Viewers at a live stream shopping event can purchase the items presented with a single click, thus taking advantage of the sense of immediacy as well as generating Fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) as most offers are for a limited time, as they generally only last during the live event.

Livestream Shopping is considered the evolution of the famous telemarketing. However, this digital evolution has characteristics that make it much more innovative and attractive.

Characteristics of Livestream Shopping

It is massive because the specialized platforms for this type of event act as a great exhibition, with access to thousands of people around the world.

In addition, the direct sales format constantly attracts the attention of new customers; the dynamism and the way of buying enhance people's experience.

It offers the possibility to buy directly the products exhibited at the event. Furthermore, the strategies usually bring great benefits to the users of the content, such as discounts, promotions, or bonuses.

Thanks to the ease of access provided by the Internet, this format can be used in all types of businesses, there is no limit to one or the other, even for people who just want to sell products they no longer use.

However, The most important feature of Livestream Shopping is the interaction between seller and buyer, as users can continuously ask questions or make comments in real-time about products, offers, and how to consume them.

The host or hosts answer and clear doubts during the event bringing the product closer to the public.

Livestream shopping is going global and increasing among consumers in such a way that through innovation towards personalization, it may become the new next-generation shopping and entertainment method.


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