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Make The Most Of Your Company’s Social Media

Social Media Marketing Ideas For Your Company

Social media is a potentially extremely powerful marketing tool. But how do you make the most of it for your company? Simply posting special offers will only get you so far, but overall such a blunt approach is unlikely to inspire much engagement. The truth is that most don’t use social media to engage with businesses, meaning that a creative approach is necessary.

Let’s take a look at some creative social media ideas that will attract more engagement, regardless if you run a small account for a hardware store, or are an established online gambling casino.

Run Giveaways And Contests

Very few like to be marketed on social media, but who doesn’t like free things? If you offer a freebie it is likely to draw a great deal more attention, assuming that you are giving away something that people actually want. Certainly don’t offer something cheap or undesirable, as this will create exactly the wrong impression.

The simplest approach is to offer the prize randomly to someone that likes and shares the post. It may seem a little blunt, but this is perhaps the most effective way to get your social media account up and running.

The Classic AMA

Once you’ve built up a little social media community you can try and run an Ask Me Anything. You can encourage followers to ask anything they’d like about your business, providing you with the opportunity to explain more about your products.

Naturally, this should certainly not be seen as an opportunity to push for sales. You should instead simply communicate directly, answer honestly, and avoid coming across as a disguised salesperson.

Social Media Takeover

The so-called social media takeover is the fast way to get attention. It requires getting in touch with a local influencer, and preferably one that is in some way related to your business. You simply hand your account over to them, let them do whatever it is they want and enjoy the exposure.

This will require some or other monetary compensation for the influencer, but the impact can be enormous. Just remember to discuss in advance what you will or won’t allow taking place on your account.

Share Content Relevant To Your Company

It’s not a ground-breaking idea but just happens to be the most effective. Find informative content that will interest your customers and share it. You might also write the content yourself, paying special attention to what you think customers want to hear about. An easy way to find relevant content is simply focusing on what you personally find interesting.

Engage Similar Social Media Accounts

Lastly; find other social media accounts that are relevant to your company and engage with them. You can simply make a comment on a relevant post, or share the post to your own account. Networking is essential when it comes to social media, especially given that other companies are likely as keen to get a community going as you are.

Remember; there is power in networking.

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