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Marketing Features You Need to Be Using

When we talk about advertising, we’re referring to the purposeful efforts made to promote products and services by a business. It’s an integral part of any organisation and could be described as fuel for a fire that you’re lighting to get noticed! Without the right kindling, you’re going nowhere fast.

Let Customers Get to Know You

Think of your advertisement as a way for potential customers to get to know you.

Brand recognition is one of the biggest deciders when it comes to purchasing, and that’s your goal. You need to get your brand to the point where people can connect it to your product because they’ve been getting information about it repeatedly.

Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

Advertising these days is a highly specialised field of study and it requires the right mix of skill and talent. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get the right team behind you. It’s an exercise in money well-spent because you’ll get it back many times over if the job’s done right.

Don’t Make Empty Promises

A happy customer will tell between four and six people about the great service you gave them. A dissatisfied consumer will inform between nine and 15! You must deliver what’s been advertised and follow through with every client you get.

Would you sign up for a real money account at a bookmaker that cheated a friend? Of course not! But you’d make haste to get going at Aussie sports betting sites that you’ve been told take care of their patrons.

Tailor Your Ads to a Target Group

This can be as obvious as not trying to market car accessories to people too young to drive, or as subtle as a specific gender, age group, and location. The narrower your focus, the better the results will be.


You need to tell your potential buyers why your product is better than the many others available. So make sure you’re either cheaper, better, or very different in some way and get that information across in your advert.


This feature can be linked to the question of payment, but it isn’t necessarily. Generally, the better a service or product is, the higher the price for it, but it is possible to catch an amazing Advertising Copywriter or incredible Art Director on their way up and maybe broker a deal.

But you need to trust your creative team. Their job is to sell your product and their ideas are what you’re paying for. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You want something people are going to remember, and original content is the only way to go.

Entertain People

This doesn’t mean you have to make people laugh necessarily. An entertaining advertisement is simply one that grabs and holds viewers’ attention, as well as stays in their minds after it’s finished.

A great way to judge an ad is to pretend you’re a customer. Would you buy your product? Did you manage to convince yourself your services are required? Is it a deal you wouldn’t want to miss?

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