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Maximizing Campaign Effectiveness Via A Hybrid Approach — Both Print & Digital Advertising

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The way companies reach customers has evolved alongside digital technology. From the introduction of the Internet and email to the incredibly immersive and diverse social media platforms, getting the message to the target audience has never been so easy. That being said, digital advertising generally doesn’t see the same results as print methods. Despite it seeming out-of-touch, the data shows print advertising continues to boast higher levels of customer retention, engagement, and trustworthiness.

That leads us to the question, “Which approach should be used in 2023?” The answer is clear: both. Using a hybrid approach to create a seamless, multi-channel marketing campaign can boost effectiveness and lead to a host of other benefits. Below, we’ll go over these benefits as well as a few tips on producing a hybrid campaign.

To start, one of the ways a hybrid approach is often beneficial is by making the brand more memorable. In our oversaturated marketing space, enhancing brand recognition is key. To achieve this, a consistent brand message and visual identity are needed across both digital and print marketing materials. Incorporating these aspects successfully requires strategy and an understanding of the unique advantages of each medium.

Another benefit is the ability to expand reach and, subsequently, amplify engagement. While there is some overlap of the audience for both digital and print channels, hybrid campaigns can reach a wider audience while catering to the different preferences of each. It’s essential to know what these customers respond to best. That way, the message could be tailored to fit the experience and offer a more targeted, personalized encounter. In other words, a thorough understanding of the audience combined with a well-designed multi-channel approach has the power to maximize engagement.

With all these potential benefits, incorporating the right strategies to combine the two marketing methodologies into one campaign can really pay off. The first step is to ensure the printed materials are of the highest quality. Often, it’s advantageous to partner with a company specializing in custom and digital printing solutions. These professionals produce high-quality finished product, therefore increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Another strategy is to use an established social media presence to promote print advertising. By offering exclusive discounts or sending out special event invitations to followers on social media, it helps the audience feel more in touch with the brand. On the other side of this, including social media icons or handles on printed materials works to drive traffic to your site or platforms.

Lastly, one strategy to essentially bridge the gap between the two worlds is to feature a QR codes on print collateral. Readers are converted into site visitors as they engage with this URL, which leads them to a landing page specific to the promotion. The result is increased engagement as well as an enhanced overall customer experience.

Want to learn more about the evolution from print to digital marketing and how to combine them going forward? Please see the accompanying resource for further information.

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