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Quick Tips on Marketing Your Business Through Facebook

Getting the most out of marketing through Facebook comes down to understanding the unique opportunities that it provides. In the same way that you would use a different style of advertising for both radio and magazine, the way you market on Facebook would be different to any other marketing platform.

Avoid Going the ‘Hard Sell’ Route on Facebook

If you use Facebook yourself, you know that it is a relaxing social media platform. Friends and family keep in touch, share pictures, videos, and engage in conversation. The last thing they want to see is hard sell ads stuffed down their throats each day. This practise will only lose your followers and attract negative comments.

Set a Goal and Strategy

To continually improve your business and the success that it gains via Facebook marketing, set some goals and use a pre-defined strategy. A good example could be if you were a restaurant, and you had set a goal to increase sales via Facebook by 15% over the next three months. Your strategy to do so could be something like this:

● Create a post each day showing a meal that you have put on a special offer. Attach a coupon code so you can easily track which sales came via Facebook

● Choose one lucky person to be ‘Customer of the Day’, give them a voucher for a free meal on their return. Take a picture of said person and post to Facebook

● Encourage engagement by asking Facebook users to post their own photos of them eating at your restaurant.

By using a solid goal and strategy on Facebook, you not only have something to strive towards but can also measure how successful your ideas are every time.

Have a Human Voice

Facebook is a sociable and personable site, so whoever runs your Facebook page should come across in the same way. The voice, tone, and style that they use for posting or speaking in messenger should be real, and not robotic or too professional.

Content Should be Posted Regularly

To ensure that people are not missing out on your posts, aim to create a post at least once a day. Try to vary the times so you cast the net wide. On average, people check their Facebook 20-30 times a week but some may do it in the morning, others at night, etc.

Reply to Comments Quickly

If somebody has taken the effort to comment on one of your posts, you should be attempting to reply as quickly as possible. If people notice that you rarely reply to comments, they will stop bothering to comment. Try to reply within a day each time.

Use Plenty of Photos and Videos

A great way to keep your followers engaged is to post a variety of photos and videos regularly. If your business is home renovation, keep posting visual updates of your latest project. If you were a Yoga instructor, show videos of your classes in action. This keeps people interested while also increasing your chances of them liking what they see and hiring you.

Promote Your Facebook Page

There is no point having a Facebook page if you will not promote it on your other marketing channels. Show your Facebook page on your website, in any print ads, on your business cards, or at your physical store. It will surprise you how many people will come check you out if they know you have a Facebook page. Look to see how these promotions are seen overseas using software to hide your IP.


Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool if you use it correctly. Just remember that it is a social media platform and treat it as such. Your customers are your friends first and foremost, so speak to them that way and who knows, they may eventually become your customers.

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