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Rookie Errors In Blackjack That You Want To Avoid

Blackjack is probably the longest running casino table game that is still widely played today, having its roots in the 16th Century Spanish game “Ventiuna”, something mentioned extensively by the great Miguel De Cervantes, a man widely recognised to have written the first proper novel in modern history.

As soon as you play Blackjack you will realise why it has remained so incredibly successful – it is such a simple and fun game that newcomers will very quickly become engrossed in it. It also typically has some of the best odds available in the casino, another reason why so many keen gamblers run straight to the Blackjack tables - play today. Here’s the thing though: as easy as it is to pick up Blackjack, it is also incredibly easy to make some pretty devastating errors that could end up cleaning you out financially. Read on for a few rookie errors you will want to avoid -…

Not Reading All The Information Available

Too many novice gamblers will take no notice of any of the small print on Blackjack tables, believing that every single game is exactly the same. Well, this is a very bad thing to do, because most tables will have slightly different aspects about them. For instance, the main thing to look out for is the pay-out rate, is it 6-to-5 or 3-to-2? You will want to make sure you are choosing the latter.

There is also the question of minimum bet amounts, something that is almost always visible on the right of the dealer. Make sure you watch out for this, you don’t want to sit down to start playing and then realise that the minimum bet amount is a huge chunk of your overall casino budget… it could mean you session ends before it has even properly began.

Not Knowing The Hand Signals

You are allowed to talk whilst playing Blackjack of course, but you will find that most of your interactions with the dealer will be done through specific hand gestures, and if you do not know these you could quite well find yourself in a spot of bother. In fact, not knowing how to do this could render you unable to play the game at all, because in many casinos dealers will not react to verbalisations such as “Hit me”. Make sure you know your stuff!

Not Being Aware Of The Ace Conundrum

Aces can be very difficult cards to play tactically with because they have two simultaneous values – 1 and 11. It means that a hand with an ace in it will always have two different values, and you will need to juggle these against each other in relation to what the dealer has before you make your next move.

Being A Show-off

We’ve all been there, you and your friends are playing some kind of game and you just cannot help but flaunt your apparent skill. Whilst this is relatively harmless in a game like football, it can have disastrous consequences in Blackjack. Only bet big if you actually think you are going to win, don’t do it for the clout.


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