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SMS Marketing: Definition, Benefits, and Best Practices

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

In simple terms, SMS marketing means sending transactional messages or promotional campaigns to consumers for advertising purposes using SMS (text messages). These messages are primarily utilized for communicating alerts, updates, and time-sensitive offers to individuals who have consented to receive messages from your company. Although not a new strategy, SMS marketing is still as effective as ever, coming with a number of unique advantages every business can benefit from. To that end, here is everything you need to know about SMS marketing:

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing leverages text messages to build relationships with consumers and satisfy their needs. The main focus is usually on compliant and respectful communication with target audiences, with the goal of building interest in products or services and driving leads through solutions such as click-to-purchase. SMS marketing can be leveraged in a number of different ways. Most commonly, companies use this strategy to promote special offers and events to consumers, provide important updates about customer orders and events, remind clients of upcoming appointments, etc. But due to the versatility of this marketing tactic, SMS campaigns can be adjusted to the unique needs and requirements of any business to ensure success.

How does SMS marketing work?

Strategically, SMS marketing is quite similar to email marketing. The main objective is usually to educate consumers, build loyalty, or sell products and services. SMS represents an “owned” channel where senders have full control over distribution and the list of numbers. Like with email marketing, it’s crucial to get consent from customers compliantly before sending them marketing messages. This can be achieved through solutions such as pop-up sign-up windows on websites or SMS consent at checkout. Once consent has been given and a solid list of numbers has been created, marketing messages can be distributed to consumers in bulk, or companies can take a more personalized approach by targeting audience segments.

Best tactics and practices to use

To ensure the success of this marketing strategy, companies have to follow the best possible practices and tactics. This means finding a great SMS marketing software solution that streamlines the entire process through automation and helpful tools such as personalization opportunities and two-way message delivery. Along with making sure that every SMS is branded, the message itself should also be crafted intentionally to boost engagement. Texts should be kept short and to the point, providing only necessary and truly valuable information. A call to action such as “buy now” or “click here” followed by a relevant link will encourage customers to take the desired next steps as well.

The effectiveness of SMS marketing

SMS is thought to be among the most beneficial marketing channels, and for good reason. A significant percentage of the adult population owns a smartphone in this modern world, with most of them using it on a daily basis. This means text messages are great for directly reaching consumers. SMS is also a good option for sending instant notifications, being quite effective at prompting customers to take the desired actions. Text messages come with incredible engagement rates as well, considering the fact that most SMS messages are read within the first three minutes of reception. All of these factors make SMS a surprisingly efficient solution for communicating information quickly and successfully.

Who can benefit from this tactic?

From small businesses to large corporations, SMS can be a wonderful addition to any organization’s digital marketing campaigns. These messages will convey urgent information in a very reliable way regardless of the circumstances. However, some companies might manage to reap greater benefits from SMS marketing than others. For instance, e-commerce stores can leverage texts effectively for promotional campaigns and shipping or order confirmations, while service businesses that operate on appointments can have great success with affordable and efficient SMS reminders. For large organizations, SMS can also aid in employee engagement and communicating important information in the most practical manner.

Can SMS marketing work for you?

Many business owners and digital marketers will avoid SMS marketing as they assume it’s intrusive and expensive. Clearly, that’s not the case. Leveraged correctly, this marketing strategy can provide a number of benefits to any business, including yours. You can experience higher engagement and conversion rates, you will spend less time devising complex marketing tactics, and you can build strong relationships with your customers. To see whether SMS marketing is the right option for your company, test it out on your audience. Ensure that your text messages complement the rest of your digital marketing strategies, and always follow the best practices. Track the performance and success of your SMS campaign, and don’t be afraid to ask your customers for valuable feedback.

With its versatility and efficiency, SMS marketing can be quite advantageous for companies of all types and sizes. Consider implementing this tactic into your marketing campaign as well to increase engagement and ensure long-term success.



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