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Social Media Marketing Automation to Increase Productivity

Marketing automation is key to running an efficient marketing strategy. These days grabbing the attention of consumers is no easy task.

You need to take steps across multiple channels to firstly gain online traffic, and then you need to make sure your content converts. Luckily, many of the traffic sourcing and sales conversions come with automated software options, and we will be covering social media marketing automation.

Although we are covering the subject of market automation, you still need to do all prep work to create a successful automated marketing system. In each point will let you know what that prep work is and the tools available to feed it into your automated system.

Social Media Marketing Process You Will Love!

Social Media is a tough cookie to crack. There are paid ads, boosted posts, free posts, likes, shares, click-throughs, and many other aspects of your social media campaign that you need to keep track of. However, what you do not need to do is send each post individually or track user stats.

With the right software and personnel, you can have all your social media campaigns in one place. Most software will record stats and should break down that information into demographics and geographics.

This saves you having to manually research this data!

As for posts, as long as you have a post-campaign, brand message, and high-quality images, as well as sales, copy prepared at the beginning of each month, you can use your social media software to schedule when each post is sent.

Now the best way to automate this entire process is to map out the images and copy you want in advance, which dates you want those posts to go out, and then hire a social media expert to design them, and implement the schedule on your behalf.

It should take less than a day if you fine line your processes. Also, the timeline depends on how big or busy your social media campaign is.

Remember that you want to keep your social media campaigns consistent across all channels with the same brand message, so you do not confuse your consumer base, this makes things easier and more costs effective. Slightly adjust images and copy to suit the social media platform you are using.

In some cases, you may well have two separate strategies across different social media platforms. For example, your Instagram may be slightly different from your Twitter and Facebook campaigns. Yet, your brand message should remain consistent.

Check out social media marketing. Their posts are synced and come out on the same dates 8 times per month.

What do you need from your social media marketer?

From your side of the deal, you can plan the strategy based on the data your software collects. To cut costs and to make sure your strategy is correct, you can use a PowerPoint slide show or PDF template to plan out how you want your month’s social media to roll out and deliver this to your social media marketer.

Good Strategy Implementor: This way, you are saving the costs involved with hiring an expensive social media marketer. All you need is a marketer that is great at implementing strategy. This person will need to interact with your copywriters and your designers to produce all the posts for the week or month. They will need to all be ready on time and then scheduled.

Graphic Designer: This is something that you will not want to spend time on. To automate this, you will want your social media marketer to be organised and be able to have someone produce images. You may want to hire a separate graphic designer to get this done and have him or her interact with your social media marketer.

Punctual: Each month you will need to make sure that you plan your strategy and deliver exactly how you want your social media campaign to pan out. Also, you will need to make sure there is a set day for your social media marketer, copywriters, and graphic designers to work together to have your strategy ready to go.

Summarising Your Social Media Marketing Automation

Using these steps, you as a marketer will get exactly the strategy you need. From your side, the leg work that is involved in data analysis, strategy outlay, and delivering that strategy on a plate. For your social media marketer, there is not much creativity required and instead, you need this person to understand how to implement the strategy.

By using this automated method, you save yourself the time involved with finding images, design work, fonts for text, and scheduling posts. At the same time, you can have this side of your marketing campaign complete within just a couple of days giving you an entire month of marketing across social media platforms.

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