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Social Media Marketing Hacks Worth Trying This New Year

With social media marketing, you can always improve your strategy in one way or the other. Not surprisingly, brands and marketers invest ongoing effort into tracking and fine-tuning their campaigns. A little extra push can get you more followers, engagement, and outreach, so you must definitely try new things. As the New Year begins, it is the right time to assess your strategy and implement viable changes for the better. Let us share a few social media marketing hacks worth trying this New Year.

Focus on relevant platforms

Decluttering is the best way to make a new beginning, so you can consider trimming your campaigns this New Year. Assess your audience and focus only on the social media platforms they frequent instead of going too broad. Since each platform gets a specific type of audience, narrowing them down according to your buyer persona makes sense. You can check the traffic statistics to gain insight into the ideal ones for your business.

Optimize your profiles

Once you pick the relevant platforms for your social media campaigns, you must optimize your profiles according to the platform-specific guidelines. For example, check the image sizes for each channel and resize accordingly. But remember to use the same image everywhere for a consistent look and feel. Provide all details in the information fields to complete the profile. If you already have a profile, ensure that the details are complete and correct.

Time your posts appropriately

Another measure you must absolutely implement is to time your posts appropriately to ensure your target audience does not miss them. You can dig deep with research on the ideal days and times to share posts for each platform and work accordingly. Tools like VistaCreate can ease the scheduling of tasks by automating them. You only need to select a template, create a design, and schedule posts according to your plan. The scheduler does all the heavy lifting for you!

Repurpose popular content

Besides creating new social media content this year, you can commit to repurposing existing content to save time and effort. The best thing about reusing popular pieces is that it extends the lifespan of your older material. Fortunately, you can implement several ideas for repurposing your content. Transform blog posts into comprehensive hands-on guides, infographics, and podcasts. Use internal data to create case studies, simplify long content pieces into bite-size information, and turn tutorials into an email series.

Curate and share trending content

Another hack worth trying this New Year to ramp up your social media presence is to curate and share trending content. Pick relevant and trending pieces from your business niche and share them on social media to drive engagement. However, avoid going overboard with the strategy because your posts should be a mix of trending, personal, and promotional content to create an ideal mix.

Consider embracing these actionable hacks to achieve more with your social media campaigns this year. Focus on fostering genuine connections, generating better engagement, and creating brand awareness for the long haul.


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