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Start Using Promotional Strategies Effectively

Everybody knows about the Four Ps of Marketing, Place, Price, Product, and Promotion. We are covering the latter because of how important it is nowadays.


This is a major factor regarding your choice of scheme since it determines what you can offer. Boost the sale as best you can but stay inside the budget you have been given. Exceeding your budget can be a real car crash financially, so avoid it at all costs.


What message are you sending to potential clients? What makes your product stand out above its competitors? Brainstorm until you find the right hook and then use it to lure consumers in.

If you want your campaign to succeed, you need a strategic plan which answers the question, What Do You Want Your Advertisement to Accomplish? Are you introducing a new company? Debuting a new product? Do you want to increase sales or raise brand awareness?

Nike’s Just Do It is a perfect example of brilliant brand advertising. No specific shoe, item of clothing, or accessory is being sold, the company just wants its name in your brain! You will see ads by them of someone jogging, or working out, or preparing to, with that headline and the result?

You’ll never mistake their promotion for anyone else’s and every time you hear that phrase you’ll think of that company.

Target Market

Your advertisement will only work if the right audience sees it. Is your service likely to appeal to women or men? Do you want young people streaming in or are you aiming for the older crowd? Do you have a niche market? Once you know who you’re looking for, it’s easier to find them.


You can’t promote anything without a strategy the same way you can’t enjoy the online Bingo New Zealand offers without a plan of action.

Do some research and check out what the campaigns of your competitors look like. Are you going to invest in multi-platform advertisements to stoke brand recognition with a bigger demographic? Or are you looking for a more elite reputation, one that assigns status because it’s for a select few?

Answer these 10 questions to create an effective strategy that addresses your business’ promotional needs:

  1. What’s your final goal?

  2. What’s your budget?

  3. Who is your audience?

  4. What products or services are you going to feature?

  5. What does your SWOT analysis tell you? That’s your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  6. What does your SWOT tell you about your business’ key differentials?

  7. Build an advertising plan around Who? What? When? Where? How?

  8. What methods are you going to use? Word of mouth? A social media campaign? Sponsoring a local event or charity? Make a list of low-cost options and work through it with your team.

  9. Launch your campaign and ensure that everything is consistent in terms of messaging and brand. Are unforeseen issues cropping up? Are some aspects working better than others?

  10. What are you seeing in terms of results? At the end of the day, this is the kicker and you can tweak your actions and decisions going forward based on this data.


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