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The Role of Packaging in Marketing

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Product packaging isn’t just about holding and protecting your product until it is sold. In fact, product packaging is what you make of it. If you approach it the right way, your packaging can augment your marketing efforts.

Identify Your Brand

One of the primary purposes of good product packaging is to clearly identify the product within as being from your business and available under one of your brands. There are numerous ways that packaging helps to solidify your brand identity and communicate it to potential customers. There are obvious things like your business name and logo, which will likely be prominently displayed on most packaging. However, there are more subtle aspects to your packaging that will communicate your brand to your audience.

For example, many businesses are now choosing to spend a bit more time and money in order to invest in recyclable packaging. For any business that puts the eco-credentials front and center of their marketing, having packaging that is not recyclable and leaves a significant environmental footprint is going to cause serious reputational damage. It also gives your competitors an open goal to show up your business and highlight your shortcomings.

Every choice you make with regards to your packaging, from the materials you choose to the colors you opt for, will affect the way that it is perceived by viewers. That doesn’t mean that the more money you spend, the better your packaging will be. Nor does it mean that you need to choose something more intricate and complicated. You can order simple but high-quality packaging from that you can then adorn with your own custom design.

Protect Your Product

One of the primary purposes of packaging is to keep products safe and protected. Initially, this might not seem relevant to your marketing, but it is essential that the packaging that you choose for your products is as functional as it is stylish. That means that irrespective of any design decisions you might take, you need to be certain your packaging is going to be able to properly serve its primary function.

For businesses that sell unusually fragile products, like consumer electronics and tech businesses, for example, robust packaging is important. The need for physically-resilient packaging can ultimately hinder the other design choices that you want to make and limit the options that you can consider. Regardless of anything else, the primary purpose of packaging is to keep the product within protected, so this should be your top priority as well.

A Marketing Canvas

No matter what size or shape your packaging is, it presents you with a blank canvas that you can use to entice customers into purchasing your product. There is a good reason that brands print key information about their products on the packaging itself; it is an effective sales tool. You will notice that most products come in packaging that tells you what the key features of that product are and why you should buy it. Including even basic product information can help to secure a customer’s interest and make a sale.

Your product packaging presents you with a unique opportunity. Not only can you make your product clearly identifiable to your existing audience but you can also make it more appealing to consumers who are on the fence about making a purchase.

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