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The Skills a Remote Marketer Needs to Succeed

Many are envious of people able to work remotely and are not tied down to an office. They see it as freedom to work when you want, as long as you want, and with nobody around to put the pressure on. The problem is, that while those advantages sound great, they can actually turn into major disadvantages.

Some of you will need a rigid schedule with somebody else managing your time and workload. You might not motivate yourself at home when you have the daily distraction of other, more entertaining things that you could do.

This means that as a remote marketer, you are going to need several skills if you want to be successful. Of course, you will first need the core marketing skills for your particular area of marketing first and foremost, but assuming that you have that knowledge and experience, you will also need these important soft skills.


You should be able to work on your own without needing clarification every step of the way. Additionally, you are going to face many distractions when working remotely that you would not get when working in the company office. How you handle both will go a long way to determining how successful you are as a remote marketer.


Motivation is another soft skill vital to your success. Some find it difficult to motivate themselves to work to the same high standards and make deadlines than when they would if monitored and pushed in an office environment. Being Sat in front of a monitor with nobody watching over you can lead to bad habits emerging.


Following from above, a remote marketer also needs to be extra thorough. There is nobody you can ask to look over your shoulders to give a second opinion. This would instead involve sharing documents via team collaboration software - something that is still not quite as efficient as it could be. You also need to be more self-critical to push yourself to provide the desired quality of work.

Attention to Detail

Another soft skill that you will need when working remotely and not in a team is attention to detail. There is nobody around to pick up on the minor details that you may have missed. These will cause you to waste time later if they are not noticed as early as possible.

Time Management

When working in an office, they sometimes manage your time for you by a team leader or supervisor. Because you have no ‘set’ hours when working at home and you can choose your hours yourself, you will need good time management skills. There will still be deadlines that you need to hit, so knowing what needs to be done and how long it will probably take is paramount to your success. This is especially the case if you are working on multiple projects at once.

The Key Takeaway

You could be the best digital marketer in the world that knows how to grow a brand, bring in the leads and convert them into sales, but if you do not have the above skill set, you will never make it as a remote marketer. Working remotely sounds fantastic, and for many it is, but there have been just as many stories of failure as there have of success.

Try to use gadgets that help you make your day more efficient while also using tools that help you sit correctly such as the ones at

We should also add that the environment that you work in has to be suitable. If at home, ensure you have an office that gives you privacy from family members and friends. Also clarify that you are at work even though you are at home. If you can manage to do that and develop the above skills, you may find that being a remote marketer suits you right down to the ground.

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