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There's SO MUCH Data at Events! Here's how to use it!!

More data is available to exhibitors, sponsors, and show planners than ever before. So what can you do with all that data, and what does it mean? Today we discuss how to use real-time data to maximize exhibitor ROI. Joining me on the microphone this week is Jon Kazarian, the Founder, and CEO of Accelevents, a leading virtual & hybrid events platform. Accelevents was recently recognized as a top 200 fastest-growing private company in America by Inc. 5000. As CEO, Jon is focused on leading the company's vision and helping event organizers and marketing professionals transform their events through innovative technology solutions. Find out why Jon believes Organizers who coach their exhibitors on how to make the most of their event tech see a 2.5x increase in repeat sponsorship! Listen Now!! Episode 131 - Max Exhibitor ROI using Data

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