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Time Management is Priority Management

International motivational speaker

If we look at the most valuable currency on this planet, then our first thought sways towards dollars, dinars, pounds etc, or in some cases the crypto-currency called Bitcoin.

Time as Most Valuable Currency

However, as per Chanakya, ‘TIME’ is the most valuable currency in this world where 1 second lost cannot be bought back by the most valuable or powerful currencies available in this materialistic world.

Everyone has an equal number of hours per week to become unequal — be it local tea stall owner, shopkeeper or someone as big as Ambani’s, TATA’s, Birla’s etc.

So what is that they (Ambani’s, TATA’S etc) do to create that big difference between their success and of others?

Priority Management

When we talk about time management it is merely an art of PRIORITY management, so are we prioritizing the schedule or scheduling the priority? If we have our priorities scheduled, then the amount of success or achievement of goal will not be an issue, however, if we prioritize our schedule we may have a good schedule but our goals will not be achieved to the level that we may want.

Doing the Right Thing

Similarly, what is more important doing the right thing or doing things rightly? Lot of people believe that doing things rightly is the way to success, but doing the wrong things rightly will leave you high and dry on goal achievement status. So doing the right thing is far more important than anything.

Pareto’s Principle

Implementation of Pareto’s principle is also important in getting the priorities right from the beginning. The principal states that 20% of the invested input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained. The Pareto’s principle itself calls for SMART WORK. No matter if we invest even 20hrs a day to achieve our goal but if the priorities are not right then you may end up doing work which may not give you the desired outcome.

Habits that Can Help you Manage TIME

Take a note of things on paper or digitally to help you cruise through the day

Assign toughest task at the beginning of the day so that biggest hurdles can be overcome

Prioritize tasks – the most important tasks need to be finished at the earliest

Learn to say NO to people or tasks will increase at hand and existing tasks may fail to see closure

Stick to your break timings as they may take up your productive time period

Don’t waste your time on social media and respond to messages if they are very important

Learn to delegate tasks as you alone cannot do everything

Most importantly, keep a clock on your desk to track your time on tasks

Break tasks into shorter goals so that every goal achieved keeps you motivated during the day.

Stay Productive

Time management is to make sure that you stay productive throughout the day and it should not be assumed that all the tasks will be completed within a time frame. The most important benefit that can be extracted out of it would be from the fact that you will get organized and it will improve your productivity both on the academic and professional front.

Practice Time-management Seriously

If you may have wondered why your boss is always busy and finicky about time then the reason is simple, they are practicing time-management.  Time management cannot be adopted in a day but has to be practiced over the years to get the desired outcome. If we look at top billionaires of the world they practice time-management very seriously as every single one of them have early morning routine in-common in them along with other pointers mentioned above and the best example for us is Indra Nooyi, CEO, Pepsi Co.



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