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(Tip #2/10) Ten INSTAGRAM Tips For Business Growth💰

In Tip #1 I asked you to DM me on my IG (Instagram) account about how you are already using IG for business..... I received this.....This person is a coach teaching people in their 20s how to sell things. He's showing some sales numbers AND his aspirational lifestyle.

Received this one too......This woman wants to collaborate ('collab') together on some work ...LOVE HER ENERGY!!

Tip #2: Define Your Business Goals You are probably rolling your eyes with how obvious this tip is.......Hold on, tho, let me explain a bit more..... All social platforms are tools (tools to connect; tools to build a business...etc),.....However, you can't use these tools very effectively if you don't know what you're trying to build. Instagram marketing can mean different things to different people.....So, DO YOU WANT TO

  • Create an online presence for your business?

  • Increase brand awareness?

  • Get new leads?

  • Establish yourself/your brand as an industry leader?

  • Sell products/services directly from the app?

Um, unless you know where you want your Instagram strategy to take you, you're unlikely to get there. Click the button and DM (Direct Message) me on my IG (Instagram) account & SHARE YOUR BUSINESS GOALS w/ me.



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