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Tips & Predictions from the Pros

Jim Cermak

Back in December, I attended IAEE's Expo! Expo! which is known as the Trade Show for the Trade Show Industry! It was amazing to see all that is happening, and this week's episode came right from that show. ALSO... I'm thinking of having a special event - an opportunity to interact with me LIVE to get questions answered and some free coaching. See #2 below for details!

1) Tips from the Pros at Expo! Expo!

Featured in this episode:

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2) Interested in this Special Zoom Event??

  • If I did an "Ask Me Anything about Trade Shows" zoom session that you can attend live, interact with me to get your questions answered, plus get some tips and coaching all for Free, would you attend or share?

  • To give your answer, please complete this one-question poll on Linked in!

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3) Jim's Trade Show Tip #173 - Leave Your Booth!

  • Part of your strategy of exhibiting MUST be to leave your booth at some point during the show and explore the other exhibits!

  • First - before the show, look through all the other exhibitors and see who you want to visit with. Go see your competitors, possible vendors, possible partners, current clients, and more!

  • Take pics of your competitors and any other booths you like so you recall elements you want to incorporate into your design.

  • Get out of your booth - but have a purpose! You will be much more productive!

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