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Tips To Introduce A New Brand Mascot In 2023

Mascot marketing can do wonders for your brand by giving it a personality and voice of its own. But you cannot take a set-and-forget approach to the strategy. Of course, you may have a compelling mascot that resonates with your target audience and replicates your brand values.

However, your target audience and values may change down the line, and the original character may become redundant. Likewise, you may want to realign it with the latest trends to keep it relevant and competitive. The New Year is an apt time to introduce a new brand mascot, but you must follow a few tips to make a smooth landing with it. Let us share a few tips to make a great first impression with your second chance in 2023.

Rethink your audience and brand

Whatever the reason for introducing a new mascot, you must rethink your audience and brand before the design swap. You cannot overlook these essential factors, even if a new design trend appears alluring. Your mascot must resonate with your target audience and represent your brand inside-out. Follow this unspoken rule, whether starting from scratch or implementing a few design changes.

Check the competition

Mascot redesign is a daunting process, so you must cover all fronts before diving in. Besides ensuring that the changes go well with your target audience and brand image, you must also check your competitors. If a competitor is doing great with a mascot, understand what is working for them. You may actually gain some valuable inspiration to redesign your branding character.

Create pre-launch buzz

Once you have a new design ready, do not lose patience and go too far too soon. Consider creating pre-launch buzz by giving sneak peeks of the character on your social media pages. You can even order a couple of Custom Mascot Costumes to showcase your new design at events and retail locations. The good thing about creating a pre-launch buzz is that it generates curiosity. You may even get some helpful input from your audience.

Avoid a drastic change

While reworking your mascot design sounds exciting, you must avoid a drastic change. Your audience may not recognize the new one or connect it with your brand if it looks totally different from the original one. Implementing a few changes gives you the best of both worlds. You can rework your brand image without missing out on the recognition and interest of your loyal followers.

Ensure consistency

This one is a no-brainer because a mascot should always look the same everywhere. If you plan to introduce a new version in 2023, you must launch it simultaneously across all promotional channels. Also, ensure it is consistent with your branding elements, such as your colors, logo, tone of voice, emotions, and values. Consistency fosters connection, so it is one thing you cannot miss out on.

Launching a new brand mascot in the New Year is a great idea, but you must plan the initiative strategically. Follow these tips to get a head start and make a successful transition.



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