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Top sectors for career opportunities in 2023

Calling the last couple of years troubling would be a horrible understatement. For what it's worth COVID-19 has thrown our lives so far off the rails, they may never fully fall back in line. However, one of the biggest hits definitely came in the form of the labor market being completely disrupted and now trying to once again pick itself up.

This turmoil doesn’t have to be all that bad, though. The careers that were prematurely ended now have an opportunity to start over from the scratch. The professionals starting out are facing a new and very dynamic environment where they can branch out.

As long as you choose a promising industry, the post-COVID revival should have something in store for you. Let’s see if we can help you with a couple of lucrative options.


While COVID-19 proved to be quite devastating for retail stores, the same can’t be said about the online market that, in the same period, experienced an unprecedented surge. These days, e-commerce sales make 14.1% of all retail sales globally and now when people got the gist of the whole thing, these numbers are only going to grow. So, there you have a promising career option if there ever was one. If you are not ready to take a leap of faith and start your own company, this industry is expected to employ a number of drivers, shift supervisors, warehouse operatives, and supply chain associates.

Artificial Intelligence and robotics

The modern business world is extremely data-driven and requires a great deal of involvement on behalf of AI to even be operational. During the last two years, however, when the workers were mostly unable to attend their work positions the AI needed to step up the game and fill in these positions. This caused a major breakthrough in the tech fields like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, robotics, data processing, and data analytics. Still, in spite of the tremendous autonomy, all these systems are, in the end, maintained and developed by human workers. Very high paid human workers we would like to add, so there's that.

Fitness industry

Even if we put aside the direct consequences of the virus, we can wholeheartedly say that COVID-19 had a devastating effect on public health. These days, the people who were locked up inside their homes and usually unable to engage in healthy physical activities are trying to reclaim their health. That caused a renewed interest in a variety of fitness programs ranging from EMS training to Les Mills full-body workouts. This fitness surge will most likely survive the post-pandemic years since Millennials are the generation fascinated with fitness. If you like to break a good sweat, here lies an opportunity for you.

Construction industry

The construction industry is yet another sector that took a severe blow during the last two years of a very passive economy. However, now that people's lives slowly go back to normal and the real estate market sees renewed activity the construction industry is going through a small renaissance. If we compare the numbers to the year 2020 we will see that the previous year the construction industry scored a hefty 4.6% increase and now accounts for 4.8% of the total US workforce and 4.3% of US GDP. This growth entails a new demand for construction workers, site managers, quality surveyors, and site specialists.

Renewable energy

For a very long time now, environmental topics have been gaining traction and becoming increasingly relevant. Over the last couple of years, they gave truly come to the forefront demonstrating influence over virtually any industry in existence. Companies are required to implement eco-friendly practices, the construction industry is called to produce sustainable buildings, and the entire industrial sector is moving in the direction of renewable resources. Since these tendencies are only to develop various engineers, wind turbine technicians, and energy technicians and engineers will easily find employment.

Home health and personal care

Last but not least we would like to mention that the USA population is becoming grayer from year to year. By the end of 2030 when all boomers will be older than 65, this demographic will make up 21% of the population compared to only 15% today. This inevitable and we might add global trend means that home health and personal care will become very popular and sought career options. But, even if we put this issue aside, the outbreak of COVID-19 gave new relevance to public health and taking good care of your personal well-being. This growing interest needs to be supported by the influx of new workers.

We hope these few examples help you get a good idea how what the labor market will look like by the end of 2023 and also in the years after. The more important is that, even though its focus might be shifting, the business world is once again alive and kicking which entails new career and employment options. These few mentions are only one piece of this huge puzzle, but they also represent the options that, at the moment, make the safest bet.



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