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Top Tips for Leaving an Excellent First Impression

Did you know that when you’re meeting someone for the first time, they form their opinion about you within the first 17 seconds? That's how little it takes for a person to perceive you as a responsible, immature, uneducated, sophisticated, or perhaps lazy individual. It all comes down to leaving an excellent first impression, that you can work on before the meeting happens. From dressing well to speaking nicely and not going overboard with cologne or makeup, we know several tips to help you leave a good first impression.

Watch your grammar

Eloquence is essential during a first meeting. The second a person you're communicating with hears you talk, the expressions you use, and how well you can express your thoughts, they'll start forming an opinion about you. That's why you need to watch how you talk, pay attention to grammar and try to talk slowly so that the other person can understand every word you're saying. If you talk fast, you'll appear scared and insecure. Keep eye contact to show the person you're meeting that you are serious and confident in what you're saying.

Your tone matters

Aside from how you talk and form sentences, pay attention to your tone. Speaking too loudly puts you at risk of appearing too aggressive and over-assertive as if you want to show off your dominance. On the other hand, if you're too silent and the other person has to ask you to repeat what you said, chances are you will leave an impression of a shy, insecure individual. Sticking to the middle ground is best in this case, as you should talk in a pleasant tone that will show how confident, but not invasive you are.

Dress to impress

Dress to success, and half the work is done. It's true. You will not have to say too much to look sharp, trustworthy, and smart if you dress well. While in the 20th century, you couldn't imagine a man walking into the office in anything other than a suit, today, everyone's leaning more towards business casual attire. Nevertheless, a man always looks his best while wearing a well-tailored suit. So, if you don't own a decent suit, look into men’s tailored suits and order one to be made according to your body measurements.

Don’t over-accessorize

Earrings, bracelets, bags, scarves, and hats are accessories many enjoy wearing during everyday activities. However, you must take the accessory game down a notch in order to leave an exceptional first impression. The main rule is to use one or two accessories, at best, to make a statement. A silk scarf is all you need to appear elegant. No need to add a statement hat or gold bracelets to the mix. Avoid hoop earrings, flashy necklaces, and glitzy details that will create the wrong impression.

Pay attention to the perfume or cologne

Did you know that scents have the power to make us relive memories in our minds? Just by the mere smell of a pleasant or unpleasant aroma, you instantly remember the moment when you first came across that scent. Too strong perfumes will not only make the other person feel uncomfortable but, likely, they won't be able to focus on the conversation due to the intensity of the cologne. So, when preparing for a significant first meeting, choose the perfume r cologne carefully. Don't put too much of it but only spray once or twice.

Body language says a lot

Do you tend to cross your arms a lot? How about your legs? Does your foot shake when you're uncomfortable, or do you get the desire to crack your knuckles when you're uncomfortable and nervous? Non-verbal communication is often more powerful than verbal. Namely, up to 93% of people's judgment is based usually on body language. So, the next time you need to leave a positive first impression, keep in mind your posture, the way you shake someone's hand, and whether you keep your hands in your pockets or make distracting gestures as you speak.

Keep makeup simple

Makeup is another crucial factor in making an excellent first impression. Going with a simple, delicate, no makeup, makeup look, is the ultimate best decision. A touch of blush, a hint of mascara, a nude or mauve lipstick, preferably satin, to make your lips fuller and healthier-looking, and you're all set. Avoid using too much highlighter, smokey eyes, and eyeliner. Stick to neutral, matte eyeshadow hues like beige, light brown, and taupe to add warmth and shape to your eyelids without looking like you're heading to a party.

Final thoughts

Leaving a good first impression will not be the least challenging job, but with a few invaluable tips, you'll do your best. All you need to do is remember everything we mentioned, and you'll have no trouble wowing everyone you meet for the first time.

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