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Trade Show Industry Trends for 2022

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

As show planners, organizers, and exhibitors, what should we be expecting from the industry in 2022? To discuss this topic and more I am honored to have on the podcast for a second time Danica Tormohlen - the Content Director, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief for the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO). Danica began her career in the trade show industry at EXPO Magazine in 1994, where she eventually served as publisher and editor in chief. After that, she served as editor-at-large for Trade Show Executive for 10 years. We Discuss:

  • What's happening at SISO

  • Trends in the industry for 2022

  • Danica's recent trips to major in-person events like PCMA, PGA Show and Winter Fancy Food Show

  • And so so much more!

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Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #130

Have a Place to Secure Valuables

Our exhibits can feature valuable pieces like computers, monitors, equipment, and more. After-hours items have been known to have “walked away” so be sure to have a plan to secure these items! Either by securing them in place, or putting them in a separate locked area.

ALSO...this is the same for purses, backpacks, and items from your staff. Be sure to have a cabinet, closet or at least a concealed area for your team to safely put their valuables and give everyone peace of mind!

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