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Trade Show Tips & Encouragement for Introverts!

Quick confession - I'm an Introvert. Most people don't believe me, but don't confuse my talkative and energetic nature with being an Extrovert! When given the choice, I'd much rather be blending into the background than approaching and engaging with new people. Since success at Trade Shows comes from engagement with others, what is an Introvert to do? In this episode, I'm giving you and all my fellow introverts 10 Tips and some encouragement to not just survive Trade Shows, but Thrive! And these are for whether you are working a booth or an attendee!

Listen Now!! Episode 134 - Trade Show Tips for Introverts Please share this episode with your team or the Introvert colleague who can benefit from these tips!

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Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #127

Pin your Event to the top of Social Pages

When you pin your event appearances at the top of your social media pages, it will be the first thing your visitors see! Best way to ensure more people know about the shows and events which you are promoting or exhibiting.

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