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Guardian Outfitters

Offering form fitting security guard uniforms designed for comfort, Guardian Outfitters aims to be Canada’s top store for hard working professionals in the police and security industry. Guardian’s product line includes police gear, bulletproof vests, duty belts, security guard uniforms, and more.

Located in Canada, Guardian Outfitters Corporate accounts provide an “all inclusive” shopping experience for your company, as well as your officers or guards. Competitive pricing and bulk orders as well as standard discounts are available for your agency. In addition, guards and officers receive a discount for personal purchases.

Hydro Solar Innovative Energy

Solar Water Heating is’s passion. Their myriad of products include Space Heating, Domestic Hot Water Heating, Process Heating or a combination with Air to Water Heat Pumps. Their accumulated years of experience in engineering, contracting and commissioning are an added value for customers who are looking for high quality yet affordable solar solutions. Their goal: to combine quality, affordability, user-friendliness and the lowest payback period in the market. has a mission: to reduce carbon footprint of every Canadian house and business by offering sustainable products and kits combining heat pumps, solar panels, controls and commissioning accessories.

is your message and strategy consistent?

Ensure that your brand message and content strategy stay consistent across your social media networks with Ignite Digital’s community management solution. The company monitors and controls your social networks making sure that communication with your target audience is consistent with the needs and values of your brand.

Consistency is the key to success. A consistent social media campaign throughout a business' channels can aid in expanding the reach of your audience and growing your brand. Ignite Digital is dedicated to maintaining your desired brand appearance online, interacting with followers and cohesively scheduling posts throughout every platform.

Most importantly, their community management services inspire confidence in your brand. The end result: increased business for your company. For more information, go to



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