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Use SMS Campaigns To Attract More Shoppers

Mitto SMS tools can help your brand retain customers and reach new prospects by utilizing SMS campaigns across regional, national, and global markets. Mitto provides SMS messaging for every need your business has to communicate with your customers! The Mitto platform has scaled to a singular global force of SMS experts delivering A2P messaging for the world’s largest commercial brands.

The Mitto SMS platform’s reputation has been built on its global delivery of reliably high-quality business communications with customers. From SMS marketing to SMS Reminders for sales appointments, service calls, and so much more, SMS is the go-to facilitator of modern B2C communications.

Mitto SMS for Retail Consumer Marketing

Mitto is the world’s most widespread SMS messaging tool. Why is Mitto so popular with businesses worldwide? Because the provider’s highly-skilled global team consistently helps businesses inspire and motivate their customers and prospects.

Innovative Leadership: Telecom industry experts collaborating across a vast global network deliver the world’s most creative and efficient business messaging solutions.

Powerful Platform: AI-enabled routing and cost analytics generate real-time strategies for optimal management of every commercial text traffic type.

Top-Quality Support: A worldwide team of cellular communications tech experts is monitoring 24/7 and providing rapid resolution and continuing consultation services.

User-Centric Vision: Mitto increasingly powers the world with seamlessly connected, reliable digital communications for its commercial customers.

The Stunning Record of SMS Success

By now, most marketing professionals have seen incredible statistics on the consistent success rates of SMS for consumer marketing, SMS Reminders, SMS appointment scheduling, confirmations, delivery tracking, alerts, and so much more.

Mitto SMS provides users with a full range of SMS Gateway benefits. The comprehensive array of Mitto SMS business user features and benefits has become the go-to facilitator of modern customer communications, and all other retail and other business functions:

98% Open Rate: Text messages get opened and read more than any other media type.

30% Response Rate: This stunning rate translates into stronger customer engagement.

Ubiquitous Usage: The global SMS telecom channel has nearly 7.5 billion users.

To expand your communications options, the Mitto SMS API enables you to send SMS text messages and voice messages to groups or individuals and receive callback notifications. Use Reminders SMS API to cultivate long-term repeat customer relationships. Accomplish that by maximizing the convenience for your text and voice message recipients with an optimized SMS customer communication system.

Mitto Helps Retailers Reach All Consumers

Marketing specialists must accommodate three general types of annual shopping personas. Being familiar with these can help you attract all three groups with your comprehensive marketing strategy. Here are the general recommendations on how best to use SMS to engage the three kinds of shoppers.

1. Extra-Early Shoppers

These shoppers plan their purchases well in advance. They’re looking for the perfect items and products that suit their needs. They typically don’t respond to such marketing tactics as urgency, scarcity, etc. They value convenience and informed shopping. They’re less interested in discounts and prefer online shopping.

Marketing Approach: Don’t use traditional discount offers. Instead, focus on what stands out about your brand — for example, exceptional quality and fast delivery.

SMS Boost: Early shoppers appreciate SMS messages notifying them of the newest products, order tracking, and recent product releases.

3. Super-Sale Seekers

Due to ongoing hyperinflation, prices of consumer goods remain astronomically high. Super-sale seekers are looking for bargains to save as much money on their shopping as possible. They clip coupons, crave Black Friday, and scoop up Cyber Monday deals.

Marketing Approach: Engage sale seekers with timely and highly relevant SMS information about outstanding discounts.

SMS Boost: Invite sale seekers to join your SMS loyalty program for exclusive discount offers and VIP customer promotions.

2. Excitement-Seeking Procrastinators

As a lifestyle, procrastinators put things off till tomorrow. They’re excitement-seekers, living on the edge by squeezing shopping tasks into the last few hours that stores are open and then blitzing the mall the day before they need their items. They account for as many as half of commercial consumers. They depend on shopping on their phones with only minutes to spare.

Marketing Approach: Coax procrastinators with exciting last-minute opportunities, and prompt them to make their purchase as quickly as possible for timely shipping.

SMS Boost: Send excitement-seekers advance SMS reminders to finalize their purchases, but avoid hyped CTAs. Just emphasize what your brand provides.

Mitto Makes SMS Text Marketing as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Mitto SMS makes your text message marketing campaigns easy to design and execute. Use the platform’s simple state-of-the-art SMS marketing message design tool to build, launch, and manage your SMS campaign quickly and easily.

Mitto SMS Gateway: With Mitto Gateway SMS, you can operate free from concern about protecting your business email from threats like viruses, ransomware, or spam. Security and data archiving are built-in features of the Mitto SMS Gateway feature of your SMS account security.

Mitto SMS for Best Retail Marketing Outcomes

While you’re thinking outside the box about your marketing campaigns this year, consider the benefits to your company of starting an SMS loyalty program. Over 70% of consumers say loyalty programs are a big part of their shopping experience, and over 66% say that the advantages of a loyalty program make them want to buy from a brand again.

Achieve Higher Customer Engagement – Mitto SMS

Mitto SMS customer messaging solutions will help you engage many more shoppers throughout the new year. After all, these are the kinds of campaigns SMS was created to facilitate, and their colossal success is what has grown the SMS text medium into the global leader in digital marketing.



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