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What are some of the upcoming and new-age MBA programs?

Today, it is no secret that an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is gaining popularity with each passing year. As the MBA course guarantees 100 per cent success, it has become the most opted degree for professionals aspiring to move up the career ladder. According to a report published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the demand for MBA graduates in India grew by 90 per cent in 2019. Furthermore, about 89 per cent of employers are planning to hire MBA graduates in 2021, the GMAC report suggests. Perhaps, employers consider MBA graduates because of the contributions they can make to the organizations.

Notably, MBA programs are more popular among aspiring business leaders, fresh graduates, working professionals and entrepreneurs. Aspirants prefer MBA courses to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the business domain. The course is also helpful in the holistic development of aspiring business professionals. If you are aspiring to earn an MBA degree, you must know that over 50 different types of MBA programs are being offered in India. However, B-schools in Dehradun are famous for providing upcoming and new-age MBA programs. Let us take a quick look at these new-age MBA programs.

1. Oil and Gas Management: It is a two-year post-graduate program that provides a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry. The course equips students with the management skills and techniques to achieve the production targets. In this field, the MBA professionals will be supervising productions and operations. The professionals are also expected to develop new plans and strategies to increase output efficiently.

2. International Business: This MBA program is more common among students who wish to accelerate their careers at the international level. These MBA professionals learn to run and grow businesses at a transnational level. Students pursuing this program learn to flourish a business by meeting the organizational goals strategically. Students learn ways to increase the export and import of products and services during the program by performing proper research and analysis.

3. Power Management: The two-year program provides in-depth knowledge of the power industry. Under this program, students also have the option of choosing between two specialized areas- ‘Power Business & Regulation’ and ‘Green Energy and Transition to Sustainability. The students learn to monitor energy usage, set targets for energy reduction, and prepare audits and reports of energy usage.

4. Business Analytics: It is one of the most in-demand MBA programs among engineering graduates. The program provides an insight into data mining and energy analytics. Students also learn to create a comprehensive business analysis. The program focuses on data, statistics, and business performance. Upon completing the program, the MBA graduates will strive to improve business performance by providing recommendations based on insights.

5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: This branch is most crucial for any business across the globe. Therefore, the program focuses on logistics planning and supply chain. Students also learn about the business process in the supply chain. After completing the program, the students will get the role of supply chain manager responsible for managing supply chain and logistics strategy and operations of a company to maximize profit efficiently.

Ambitious professionals are advised to go through all the program’s syllabus and career prospects to make a well-informed decision for their career.

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