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What are your Pain Points?

If you have exhibited at least once at a trade show, you have experienced some pains and challenges. My guest is a professional exhibit designer and builder to help you solve those challenges! 1) This week - Let's fix what ails you on the Show Floor

My guest Josh Rifkin is the CEO of Flatworks Displays - a USA manufacturer that sells a custom modular trade show booth system that assembles with no tools. With 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and trade show industries, Josh knows what goes into preparing for trade shows. We discuss:

  • Shows are back but you need to be selective - It's a costly endeavor

  • Maximize your valuable space to create a more inviting environment for buyers to enter and engage.

  • Ditch the backdrops and skirted tables

  • Think about your trade show staff: get them in and out fast. The sooner they set up... the happier and fresher they will be during the show.

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2) Is your booth staff professionally Trained and Ready?? It's one thing to have your team at the show, even if they have done shows in the past. But are you 100% sure they are ready to maximize the engagement and ROI at your next show? I can help you get this done quickly and effectively! Click here to check out my exclusive Virtual Staff Training offering! 3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #192 - Save Long conversations for after-show hours It can be exciting when getting into a long conversation with an attendee who is very interested in what we have to offer. And we may also want to dive into a long demo for that "right" attendee. However, you need to realize that for every attendee you are talking with at your booth, there may be dozens walking by who you may never see again! So keep your conversations shorter and leave the long ones to after-hours networking, lunches, and follow-up conversations after the show. Jim

Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach

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