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What is Green Marketing and its Advantages?

Answering the question of what is green marketing, green marketing is a marketing resource combined with actions aimed at benefiting the environment. Therefore, this strategy aims to demonstrate that a company's production methods, products, or behavior do not harm the ecosystem. It is not enough for a company to be environmentally conscious, it is also necessary to demonstrate in practice that the company is responsible for the environment. To define a green marketing strategy, the actions usually include phrases such as: "our products are not harmful to nature" or "our products are 100% natural".

Green marketing refers to the development, marketing, and distribution of products designed to minimize negative impacts on the environment, in response to consumer environmental concerns. Green marketing is located in the field of corporate social responsibility and responds to the social change we are experiencing. Today's consumers care about the environment and demand that the ecosystem be part of the values ​​of the brands with which they interact.

Some of the characteristics and modes of action that you can recognize in companies with green and sustainable marketing strategies are: Sense of responsibility, conservation of resources, knowledgeable in economic sciences, they have a totally sustainable sales pitch, their actions are related to the environment, they are honest in their actions, both internally with their employees and externally with their clients and suppliers, they believe in an ecological conscience towards the preservation of the environment.

The origin of green marketing

In order to understand more about what green marketing is, we must know its origins. The origins of Green Marketing go back to the early 90s, when a great social awareness began to emerge to take better care of the environment. One of the greatest forerunners was Al Gore, who, with the hit film "An Unpleasant Truth" based on the environmental problems that existed at the time, caused a change in attitudes. For a growing segment of society, brands do not want to lose this change among consumers.

Creating the most biodegradable products possible is one of the most notable changes, just as the mere fact of generating biodegradable plastic bags could reduce the high percentage of bags that remain dead in the middle of the sea.

The use of recycled products is also one of the most used techniques by brands, which in many cases realize that using recycled products also means long-term savings in disposal costs of raw materials used in production.

Currently, with the Kyoto Treaty, most of the world's major companies are forced to improve their production methods to reduce their environmental impact. This problem has been studied for many years because it is difficult to control and monitor.

What are the green marketing strategies?

Sustainability is present in all areas of the business. The same goes for green marketing or sustainable marketing. From quick hacks to imaginative green campaigns, they allow you to apply different green marketing strategies. A simple strategy is to create "green graffiti", that is, facades and billboards with moss, grass, and other plants. Here, green marketing and primary marketing are linked, which saves resources and effort. At the same time, do not use chemicals such as paints and varnishes.

Another great green marketing strategy is to use well-designed PDF catalogs that not only look great but also make it easy to find important information. Although physical categories are not practical to identify a product. With them, you can reach more potential customers, more often, without using paper, ink, and printing. With this type of catalog, you save time, and money and do not negatively affect the environment.

You can also use marketing campaigns that focus on offering certain products to customers in certain situations. Pens, pendants, and the like are rarely used, they are almost always thrown away. Instead, offer a green product: personal care products made with natural ingredients, natural teas, organic spices, or other consumer products that are perfectly suited to the needs of your group of potential customers. Surprise your customers with something really practical and ecological.

What advantages does green marketing bring?

Among the advantages that green marketing can bring, we can mention:

  • Improves the brand image and reaches target groups oriented towards ecological values. Today, many potential customers want to know that the products or services they have purchased do not have negative effects on the environment. Most importantly, millennials want to define a brand that is not only in business for profit but also wants to make the world a better place every day. With green marketing, you can communicate these principles effectively.

  • Create a higher level of loyalty. By being willing to give back with your earnings, you create more opportunities for people to support you. That is, start by using solar panels in your business, it can be an expensive investment that will reduce your profit margins, but it saves the environment. Also, if there is a real green conscience in your company and it is perceived by employees, candidates, and clients, you are taking the right steps to retain your clients in the long term.

  • Increase your profit margin. People are willing to pay more for a product when it has a higher value proposition. Green marketing helps you do just that. Because it offers the consumer the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the environment through their efforts. As a business, you need to invest more in "green processes", but customers will be willing to pay more for them, so the benefits do not decrease and in some cases increase.

Green marketing agencies


This marketing agency is not just limited to promoting and spreading the word about green businesses, it also has its own sustainability podcast show. Through their green marketing, consulting, and auditing services, they will help you see the level of environmental awareness that exists in your business and establish specific and detailed guidelines to raise it. Its headquarters are in Madrid.


Your grain of land is important. Thus, this agency specializing in sustainable marketing and corporate social responsibility invites you to be part of its list of clients involved in improving what is everyone's business. The company is committed, in a short time, to make your business more engaged and even more profitable. You can find it in Madrid.


Communication directions in companies are dictated by customer needs. They know this well at GreenTeam and that is why they are used to listening to ideas and values ​​of public interest and then translating them into offers within their company. With people-focused innovation, responsible marketing based on multiple online strategies, and continuous training for both the team and you and your employees, this company is considered one of the best. Choose the best to humanize your business and bring it closer to the demands of the planet.

Digital Greens

Combining digitization and conscious design, Verdes Digitales wants to transform the world and your company through more sustainable communication. With a team of continuously trained and organized professionals in strategizing, social media management, website design and development, advertising, media and event creation, they will help you achieve your green space goals in many ways. You can find them in Valencia and Madrid.

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