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What is this guy thinking? An UN-Conference??

We're about to turn the trade show world upside down! I am honored to have on Vincent Pugliese, who is an author, speaker, and the founder of Membership Freedom where he's helping businesses develop memberships in all sorts of different niches. The concept Vincent is proposing is called The Unconference which focuses not on keynote speakers, workshops, breakout sessions, or a show floor full of exhibitors, but an event laser-focused on making key strategic connections happen among attendees! These are connections that happen naturally or serendipitously at trade shows and events, but only in the "in-between" times and out in the hallways. We discuss:-- What is the UnConference?-- What was the inspiration for this event?-- What can event planners take from this idea?-- And so much more


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Jim CermakHost & Trade Show Coach  

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