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What Should Your New Fitness Business Software Do For You?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Whether you operate a gym, spa or fitness center, getting by without software is impossible these days. More to the point, you need software that allows you to manage your wellness business effectively and without a lot of hassle. Since what you have now isn’t providing all the benefits that you want, it’s time to look for something new. Make sure whatever you choose includes the following perks. Without them, you may as well keep what’s already in place.

Integrate Seamlessly With Your Other Software

The last thing that you want to do is end up having to manually enter historical data into a new software package. What you hope to find is one that will readily recognize and accept data from those other sources. That will make setting up the new product a lot simpler and save quite a bit of time.

Remember that it’s not just about the time you will save. Having to enter all the old data again increases the odds of some type of entry error. The result is that the information is now incorrect and could cause problems later on. If it’s all moved directly from the original source, this is something you don’t have to be concerned with down the road.

Require Relatively Few Add-Ons

One of the things that irritates you is how often it’s necessary to invest in more add-ons for the software you use now. It seems as if adding another one happens at least once a month and sometimes more frequently. Why isn’t more of those features included in the new versions that you have access to downloading and installing?

What you need is software that’s known to require relatively few add-ons. While you can expect the need to arise now and then, it should be more because you want to customize something to accommodate a growing business, not because something you consider a basic function isn’t already included.

Make It Easier to Communicate With Your Members

The right type of software replacement will allow you to communicate more effectively and easily with your club members. That will likely mean making it simpler to send out monthly statements, spread the word about new classes, advertise special dates when members can bring guests for free, or even promote sessions with private instructors.

All too often, these functions are handled solely by using the post or maybe email. With an app that works in tandem with the software, you can send out messages that cover all of these bases and more. As long as the software allows members to select what type of messages they want to receive, you can bet they will appreciate hearing from you.

And Allow Your Members to Communicate with You

Communication is not a one-way street. Just as you want to notify your members of upcoming events or ongoing activities, it helps if they can respond in some manner. For example, an app that enables them to conveniently check on the status of a membership payment or easily register for an upcoming class can be a valuable resource for accountants who are exploring the benefits of direct debit for accountants.

Spend time comparing new software with what you’re using right now. Go over the features point by point and see what you think. Every aspect from customer support to the Mindbody pricing model should be taken into account. If you find software that will make running the business easier, make the change as quickly as possible.




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