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When should you NOT exhibit at a Trade Show?

One of the top questions I get from businesses...Is it better for us to Exhibit at this new show, or just Attend it this time? It's a GREAT question! I go through what you need to consider to make the right decision in this week's episode! ALSO - See #2 below on an exciting new opportunity to get more leads at your show coming in 2024! 1) This week - When should you Attend instead of Exhibit?

You probably know I think exhibiting at Trade Shows is the best marketing you can possibly do! But are there times when simply Attending a show is the better choice? Short answer...YES, there are times. Longer answer...there are 6 different factors you need to consider before making this important choice! I go through all 6 factors and give you what you need to consider, and when to make the decision to Attend, and when it's better to make the investment and Exhibit!

And I go through all of it in a super fast 7 minutes!

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2) New Trade Show Success Group - Would you be interested?

In 2024, we will be launching a new Trade Show Success group where we will be guiding businesses through the process for exhibiting for success! We are talking about...

  • Leading step-by-step through the 8-Step Success Roadmap

  • Interactive Group Training and Coaching

  • Live Q&A

  • And more!

We will be launching a founding member discount for the first 100 Trade Show U listeners!

REPLY to this email to let me know if this is something you may be interested in, or if you have questions. No obligation! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

3) Free Video and Podcast training and tips!

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