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Why Job Satisfaction Plays an Important Role in Employee's Life

Job satisfaction consists of the perception that employees have about the company and the conformity with the work they perform. It is a relevant aspect that will affect the functioning of the organization, according to the motivation of the worker.

There are several elements that affect the job satisfaction of each individual, among them the work environment, remuneration, compliance with agreements, and respect for rights, among others, tend to stand out.

Striving to implement good practices that improve job satisfaction should be a priority for the company. Since, if the level of conformity of the employee is favorable, he will have a positive relationship with his performance.

The fact that a company shows interest in the well-being of workers shows its concern for the staff beyond the labor aspect.

Key factors of job satisfaction

There are a number of factors that affect both positively and negatively overall job satisfaction. These elements not only favor the harmony of the person's work environment but also the productivity of the company.

Therefore, it is essential to take them into account to prevent the level of employee satisfaction from decreasing. Next, we will detail more about the aspects that affect job satisfaction:

Work environment

The work environment influences the degree of staff satisfaction, when a worker has a good environment this is reflected in their motivation. The work environment is made up of co-workers, managers, and the spaces where you work, among other elements.

By spending a large number of hours in the workplace, it becomes like a second home and that is why a good environment is so significant. It is recommended to have adequate spaces for workers, supply the necessary tools for work and fully comply with collective agreements.

Assertive communication

Encouraging communication between the different levels of the company is very important for workers to feel valued. Satisfaction levels improve when people are listened to, and their point of view is taken into account.

In perspective, assertive communication is essential for the processes within the company to develop optimally. Likewise, promote participatory spaces for workers in favor of seeking collective benefits.

Fair remuneration

One of the most important factors for an employee to feel satisfied with his job is the salary he receives. The employee's salary must be commensurate with his position, and it will be essential to comply with the increases established by the workers' statute.

It is advisable to have monetary incentives that complement the worker's salary, which rewards their performance. It is worth mentioning that not all companies have the necessary resources, however, the agreed essential salary must be guaranteed.

Professional growth

Many employees have the desire and aspirations for job growth that allows their professional development. If the company encourages promotion and growth processes for workers, this will be very beneficial for job satisfaction.

Another way to promote the professional growth of the staff is by implementing constant training sessions, as well as making the schedule more flexible for those workers who wish to continue their training process.

How is job satisfaction measured in the company?

To measure job satisfaction, a survey must be carried out through an anonymous survey with open and closed questions. Through this measurement, employees will be able to expose their experience and conformity with the company.

The information collected will allow us not only to know the degree of dissatisfaction at work, but also an evaluation of working conditions. This type of feedback will be a collaborative factor to know the aspects to improve, in order to increase the satisfaction of each employee.

Additionally, a complaints and suggestions mailbox may be installed, where employees can deposit their opinion on work situations. It is recommended to take this type of information and turn it into a blog-type report so that more reasons regarding job satisfaction are identified.

How to improve job satisfaction?

To improve the job satisfaction of the company, it is necessary to make a comprehensive effort for the well-being of the employee. Not only is improvement focused on their particular employment situation essential, but their personal appearance must also be taken into account.

The organization must know in depth the needs of the personnel and have their opinion to know which aspects to strengthen and which not. In this way, the company's interest in the working conditions of employees and their quality of life will be demonstrated.

Usually personal and work life have intricate ties that affect employee motivation. To prevent work motivation from being affected by personal life, it is advisable to make the working day more flexible in order to balance the aspects of the employee's life.

In addition, it is a priority to guarantee compliance with the labor rights consigned in the workers' statute. Likewise, an essential point is the salary aspect, which must be equitable and fair.

Advantages of job satisfaction

Productivity increase

A worker who is satisfied with the company and his job will do his job with pleasure and this will be reflected in his performance. Productivity will be positively affected and exponential growth related to the improvement in employee performance will be generated.

Absenteeism reduction

If a good level of job satisfaction is sustained, this will cause a considerable decrease in absenteeism. The relationship that employees have with the company will allow their work-life not to interfere with their personal life.

Reducing absenteeism is essential in the company since this will affect its production and operation in key areas.


  • Prioritizing actions that favor the well-being of the company's human capital will guarantee an improvement in job satisfaction.

  • Promote a healthy work environment that allows workers to perform their tasks and services without hindering their performance.

  • Strengthen the company's communication channels so that there is a participatory space between employees and managers.

  • Incentivizing the worker with rewards will help improve their salary conditions so that which affects their job satisfaction.


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